Entire Patch Notes

Everything we’ve added or changed since we launched in September 2017

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Patch 001 9/16/2017 Post Launch Fixes

    • Added Combat Level descriptions to Mission Terminals.
    • Fixed Sampling Rate for XP and Resource Extraction.
    • Fixed Bug with Standard and Combat Experience.
  • Maximum Group size increased from 20 to 40.

Patch 002 9/16/2017 Double XP Event

    • Experience Gains Doubled (Excluding Jedi & GCW).
    • Village Medic puzzle and patrol quests bugfix.
    • Corvette updated, bugs fixed.
    • Starter Terminal buffs now display fee before purchase.
    • Mission payouts adjusted slightly, increased.
    • Training costs adjusted slightly, decreased.
    • Forage chance for treasure maps slightly improved.
    • Entertainer Experience now obtainable via crafting as follows:
  • Music: Slitherhorn, Dance: Kloo Horn, Wound Healing: Fizz

Patch 003 9/18/2017   End of Double XP Event

    • Bonus Double XP disabled.
    • New Account Registration Process implemented.
    • Skill Training Cost reduction reverted.
    • Resource stack size increase from 100,000 to 1,000,000 units
    • Added Meatlum Weapon Components (Vibro Unit, Power Handler, Sword Core)
    • Fixed bug with solo group mission payouts.  Everyone should receive properly.
    • Geonosian Cave Rebalance.  Added loot, added second Acklay, Reduced Respawn times.
    • Pet Summon Time reduced.  15 to 3 seconds.
  • Old Man arrival time reduced.

Patch 004 9/26/2017   The Upgrade #1!

    • Server hardware upgrade to improve performance and support current growth!
    • Vehicles may now be stored while in combat.  You may not store when defeated.
    • Krayt Dragon Loot chances improved slightly.
    • Treasure Map Payouts improved from 35k to 250k.
    • Forage chance for treasure maps slightly improved, again.
    • Removed Exiled Jantas from Abandoned Rebel base. (Theme Park interference)
    • Bounty Hunter NPC missions from Terminal reduced from level 280 to 120 max.
    • Added Dark Adept near Village
    • Geonosian Cave Loot improved, part 2.
    • Creature Handler Max Pet increased by 1.
    • Tusken Rifle damage type changed from Energy to Kinetic.
  • Bazaar Terminal Updates.  Max Sale Price increased from 20k to 200k, Max Items increased from 25 to 100 and Item Expiration Times increased.

Patch 005 9/29/2017   Bonus Loot Weekend Event

    • Bonus Loot Event enabled.  Explore the planets, find the treasure!
    • Yellow/Exceptional/Legendary rates increased during event.
    • Corrected Force Regen calculation bug, Pub9 version correctly working.
    • Corrected Entertainer Buffs bug.  Buffs are now calculated based racial maximum potential + tape mods
    • Unseen file changes in preparation for future content.  (TRE files, etc for NGE housing, weapons, mobs)
  • Carbineer adjustments
      • BurstShot2 Multiplier Increased from 4.0 to 5.0.  Cone from 30 to 75 Degrees
      • ChargeShot 2 Multiplier Increased from 2.5 to 3.0. Cone from 30 to 45 Degrees.
      • CripplingShot Multiplier Increased from 5.0 to 6.0.
      • FullAutoArea2 Multiplier Increased from 2.0 to 3.0. State application improved.
      • LegShot3 Multiplier Increased from 2.0 to 3.0.
      • Scattershot Multiplier Increased from 5.0 to 6.0.
      • SupressionFire2 Multiplier Increased from 2.5 to 3.5.
      • WildShot2 Multiplier Increased from 3.0 to 3.5.  State application improved.
    • Pikeman adjustments
PolearmActionHit1 Multiplier Increased from 1.0 to 1.5 PolearmLegHit2 Multiplier Increased from 2.0 to 2.5.
PolearmActionHit2 Multiplier Increased from 2.0 to 2.75 PolearmLegHit3 Multiplier Increased from 2.5 to 3.0
PolearmArea1 Multiplier Increased from 2.0 to 2.5. PolearmLunge1 Multiplier Increased from 1.0 to 1.5.  Range from 20m to 28m.
PolearmArea2 Multiplier Increased from 2.75 to 3.5. PolearmLunge2 Multiplier Increased from 2.0 to 2.5.  Range from 28m to 28m.
PolearmArea2 Multiplier Increased from 2.75 to 3.5. PolearmSpin1 Multiplier Increased from 1.5 to 2.5.  Area from 16m to 24m.
PolearmHit1 Multiplier Increased from 2.0 to 2.75 PolearmSpin2 Multiplier Increased from 2.5 to 4.5.  Area from 16m to 24m.
PolearmHit1 Multiplier Increased from 2.0 to 2.75 PolearmStun1 Multiplier Increased from 1.5 to 2.0.  State application lowered.
PolearmHit2 Multiplier Increased from 2.5 to 3.5. PolearmStun2 Multiplier Increased from 2.0 to 2.5.  State application raised.
PolearmHit3 Multiplier Increased from 4.0 to 4.5. PolearmSweep1 Multiplier Increased from 2.0 to 2.75
PolearmLegHit1 Multiplier Increased from 1.5 to 1.75. PolearmSweep2 Multiplier Increased from 2.5 to 3.5

Patch 006 10//01/2017   More Loot!

    • 3rd and 7th Jedi Knight Trial Mobs are now properly spawnable.
    • Force Crystal Hunter Cave spawns corrected.
    • Two Handed Melee Area 3 corrected to apply Blind instead of Dizzy.  Application Chance Increased.
    • Tusken Executioner Bleeds no longer improperly stack.
    • Entertainer Buff Duration increased to 3 hours.
    • Entertainer flourish costs slightly reduced.  Goal is to improve Entertainer Diversity.
    • Heavy Weapon Skills Fire & Acid range improved to 26m.
    • AcidSingle and AcidCone now apply action poison.
    • Geonosian Lab Difficulty and Loot adjusted after feedback from recent improvements.
    • Loot Weekend Event Ends, loot and exceptional chances reverted to normal.
  • Axkva Min, Acklay, Nightsister Elder loot improved slightly.

Patch 007 10//03/2017   Villages, Cities and… Battledroids!

    • Village Phases now rotate every 24 hours.
    • Jantas Loot adjusted.  Armor drops removed, Janta specific drops increased.
    • Named Color Crystals are now colored correctly.
    • Player City Decoration Cap increased.
    • Jedi Knight trials #3 through #7 have had wild spawns increased slightly.
    • Added alternative missions for Jedi Knight Trials #3 through #7.
    • Rebels now have access to Droideka.  Matches Imperial AT-ST.
    • Jawa Ion Rifles have Experimental damage and range increased.
    • Stun Baton Armor Piercing Rating upgraded to 1, Experimental Damage increased.
  • Nightsister Energy Lance Armor Piercing Rating upgraded to 2.  Experimental Damage increased.

Patch 008 10//06/2017   Even more Geonosian Cave

    • Difficulty Rebalance, intended to be group oriented.
    • Geonosian Cave quest NPCs functioning correctly.
    • Acklay now properly gives credit towards Jedi Knight Trials.
    • Milking rate from creatures has been doubled.
  • Per-Planet City Cap Increased (Corellia, Dantooine, Lok, Naboo, Tatooine) as follows
      • Outpost 5->10.  
    • Metropolis 2->4.

Patch 009 10//27/2017   Halloween Event

    • Kryat Graveyard Loot improved, new Krayts added.
    • Nightster Stronghold Loot improved.
    • Deathwatch Bunker Loot improved.
    • Dark Jedi Masters, Knights and Adepts have had Loot improved.
    • Geonosian Cave Loot Rebalance #4, based on user input.
    • Geonosian Cave Trash prior to Rancor have had attachment drops removed.
    • Force Sensitive Mobs now have chance to drop Jedi Skill Tapes.
    • Specific named crystals added across the galaxy to individual groups.
    • Meatlumps no longer drop AAs, CA drop chance significantly reduced.
    • Janta Blood and Hide stats slightly increased
    • Exceptional and Legendary drop rates slightly reduced for Halloween Event.
    • Crystal & Pearl tuning is now affected by rarity.  Overall tuning adjusted to be less punishing.
    • Fixed bug related to high Combat Leven & Crystal Tuning.
    • Sith Shadow Thugs have been tweaked based on population of village participants.
    • All Force Healing effects reduced from 4 second global delay to standard 1.5 seconds.
    • Force Meditation regeneration rate changed from 3x to 5x.
    • Force Regeneration now properly applies full amount every 10 seconds.
    • Shellfish and Egg foraging significantly increased.
    • Architect Structural Module crafting adjusted.  200 Ore->50 Ore. 50 Metal -> 90 Metal.
    • Force Sensitive Crafting Experience Conversion increased.
    • Jedi Experience may now be converted to Force Sensitive Experience.
    • Force Absorb now generates 30% less force when used against an NPC target.
    • Overall number of NPCs that used force abilities has been reduced.
    • Added Force Drain to abilities of force using NPCs
    • Bounty Hunter LLC skills accuracy slightly increased
    • Master Bounty Hunter LLC skill now includes chance to intimidate on hit.
  • /findmytrainer bug resolved.

Patch 010 11/01/2017   End of Halloween Event

    • Removed Halloween Event Spiders
  • Krayt Queen and Ancients have had their Combat Level increased.  Increases chance of obtaining Flawless Pearls.

Patch 011 11/12/2017   All the Clothes of the Rainbow.

    • Custom Palette for Leather and Metal Clothing & Armor added.
    • Player Bounty System added.
        • Upon being deathblowed by a player, you will now have the option to place a bounty up to 2,500,000 credits.
        • Bounty must be placed immediately after receiving deathblow.
      • If you close the prompt, you may not re-open it.
    • Added new command /setpvp.  Command allows toggle between Covert/Overt.
        • 30 seconds to go from Covert to Overt.
        • 5 Minutes to go from Overt to Combatant.
      • You may not go from Overt to On-Leave.  You must visit a recruiter for this.
    • Added Toggle to Force Run 1,2 and 3.  Cooldown of 3,10, and 30 seconds respectively.
    • Jedi may now wear undershirts and backpacks with Jedi Robes.
    • Added new Advanced Mineral Mining Installation, see your local Architect for details.
    • Added new Advanced Ore Mining Unit, requirement for new Mineral Mining Station.
    • Experimental Extraction Rate increased on all Harvesters.
    • Increased Force Enhancer’s Force Resist States, lowered duration.
    • Removed Fill on Bespin Port and Pyollian Cake.
    • High-End NPC resist and accuracy adjustments to create diversity in builds/viability.
    • Nightsisters, Singing Mountain Clan and Force Crystal Hunters have had loot improved.
    • Camps may now include Mission and Bank Terminals.
    • Axkva Min difficulty slightly reduced.
    • Grouping with other Jedi no longer generates visibility.
    • Reduced Damage Multiplier while Knocked Down from 1.5 to 1.2x (PvP remains at 1.5)
    • Improved chance of obtaining 4 socket clothing and armor (Tapes, FS skills included)
    • Increased Survey ranged based on Survey skill.  (Tapes, FS skill included)
    • Enhance Action Medpack D now requires same materials as other buff packs.
    • Reduced Cooldown of HealEnhance, increased range from 7m to 15m.
    • Amount of stored items increased.
        • Pets 3 to 4.  
        • Faction pets 3 to 5.  
        • Droids 5 to 7.  
        • Vehicles 3 to 5.  
      • Ships 3 to 5
    • Shuttle boarding range increased. 25m to 90m.  Ticket purchase range increased from 8m to 20m
    • Bioengineered pets may now inherit Area of Effect specials from DNA.
    • Disabled all veteran rewards due to a rare bug which may grant 9999 days of playtime.
      These will return over time in various ways.
    • Reduced Player city Garden Maintenance cost.  10,000 to 2,000.
    • Village Phase 4 Healing & Crafting Quests requirements reduced.
    • Battle Fatigue may now be healed in Camps.
    • Reduced Peko Peko Albatross Resists from 95 to 25.
    • Reduced Decay of Lightsaber Crystals by 25%
    • Lightsaber Crafting Tools and Refined Crystal Packs now grant General Crafting XP.
    • Increased effectiveness of Teras Kasi Meditate by 20%.
    • Reduced Artisan Sampling multiplier from 2.5 to 2.0x.
    • Added new faction missions.  Dark and Light Jedi Knights. Very high Combat Level requirements.  Can drop Jedi Skill Tapes.
  • Jedi Skill Saber Adjustments
      • Saber, 1 Handed Skills
          • Saber1hCombo attacks no longer have weak posture down.
          • Saber1hCombo slight damage increase.
          • Saber1hCombo force cost slightly increased.
          • Saber1hFlurry slight damage increase.
        • Saber1hFlurry force cost slightly decreased.
      • Saber, 2 Handed Skills
          • Saber2hBodyHit moderate damage increase
          • Saber2hBodyHit attack speed slowed.
          • Saber2hBodyHit slight damage increase
          • Saber2hFrenzy slight damage increase.
          • Saber2hSweep now Area Attack.
          • Saber2hSweep moderate force cost increase.
        • Saber2hSweep chance to knock down, instead of posture down.
    • Saber, Polearm
        • Dervish1 slight increase AOE radius
        • Dervish1 slight decrease in force cost
        • LegHit scaling Adjusted from 1 through 3.
        • LegHit slight increase in damage
        • SpinAttack adjusted scaling across all tiers.
        • SpinAttack slight increase in AOE radius.
      • SpinAttack now retains Posture Change across all tiers

Patch 011 Hotfix 11/23/2017   Robes, Harvesters, NS Bicep.

    • Fixed intermittent bug with Jedi robes, backpacks and shirts.
    • Advanced Mineral Mining Installation now requires 1 lot to place, down from 2.
    • All species may now wear Nightsister Armor Bicep.  Drop rate significantly decreased.
    • Harvester Hopper Sizes adjusted (NOT retroactive) as follows:
        • Personal: 75,000 to 125,000.
        • Medium: 150,000 to 200,000.
        • Heavy: 200,000 to 300,000
      • Advanced: 500,000 to 1,500,000
    • Increased Experimental Extraction values of Advanced Ore Mining Unit from 10-23 to 14-29.
    • Increased City Caps for all Planets:  Metropolis = 15, All Other Ranks = 20.
    • Reduced Force Enhancer’s Resist States from 80 to 70.
  • Increased chance of Jedi Skill Tapes & Named Crystals on Dark and Light Jedi Knights from 7.5% to 10%.

Patch 012 12/28/2017   Chiss, SEA Tool, Mob Leashing… and Defender updates!

    • New Playable Race, Chiss added.
    • Temporary 7th Character Slot.  This slot is available for two weeks only, after which it will be unavailable. Deleting a character after this window will permanently revert you to 6.
    • Addition of SEA Removal Tool.  Master Artisans may craft, use to remove SEAs from clothing and armor.  The tool will change each skill mod into an individual SEA of the same value.  This will destroy the clothing. As of this change, broken (0 condition clothing) may no longer be worn.  
    • Selectable Slicing.  Smugglers may not choose between damage, speed, encumbrance and effectiveness when slicing weapons and armor respectively.  Please note there is a small penalty for doing so, RNG slices will always have a higher potential return.
    • Craftable Nightsister Clothing.  Nightsisters may now occasionally drop Nightsister Clothing Schematics.  These require Master Tailor to learn and craft. There are many pieces available.  As it will be tailor crafted, these new items may contain sockets.
    • New Vehicles.  Added the following new vehicles (and locations to find them).  Outside of the faction variants, which are direct purchase, these must be crafted by a Master Artisan.
        • Advanced STAP-1.  (Found on Super Battledroids [Corvette, DWB])
        • BARC Speeder.  Granted to Master Artisans by default.
        • BARC Speeder, Imperial Variant. (Purchasable at your local Imperial Recruiter)
        • BARC Speeder, Rebel Variant. (Purchasable at your local Rebel Recruiter)
      • Flare-S Swoop.  (Found on the Tusken Executioner)
    • Accurate Force Cost Visibility.  Crystal tuning now shows exact amount of force cost, example -9.9 instead of -9.
    • Dathomir Crash Site reverted to stock.
    • Nightsister Elder spawn times normalized across all POIs.
    • Dark Jedi Knights have had their resists lowered to fall in line with previous changes.
    • Loot increased for High-End mobs. (Nightsister, Singing Mountain Clan, Dark/Jedi Knight Factional Missions, DJMs and Geonosian Cave.
    • Minimum tuning for Flawless Pearls has been slightly increased.
    • DE-10 pistols have had small increase in experimental minimum and maximums, upgraded to AP-2.
    • Buff conflict between Force Armor and Force Shield fixed.  The two may now be used properly in conjunction.
    • Added ForceIntimidateSingle to Novice Jedi Powers. 20 Force Cost, 6 second cooldown.
    • Skills from Novice Brawler no longer function with a lightsaber equipped.
    • TotalHealSelf, TotalHealOther have had efficiency increased and may now remove Fire DoT’s at a high force cost.
    • Stun Baton temporarily removed from Nightsister weapon pool.
    • SEA review, removing useless and non-functional SEAs
    • Mobs may no longer spawn near enough to Nym’s Starport to attack players.
    • Taunt has been reviewed, and is not greatly more effective.  (10x increase)
    • Master Melee Professions (Including Jedi Defender) now have access to Area Taunt.
      This will taunt all enemies within 30m.
    • Players may now teach Novice skill boxes.
    • Krayt Tissues have had their minimum values increased slightly.
    • White Geonosian Power Cubes have had their stack sizes increased slightly.
    • Mission Terminal added to FS Village on Dathomir.
    • Rebalance of Tusken POI.  Executioner is more difficult, Observer and Witch Doctor less difficult.
    • Jedi Defender has been granted Melee Mitigation (PvE only).  1 at Novice, 2 at 4xxx and 3 at Master Defender.
    • Lightsabers now have an accurately displayed minimum Force Cost of 0.1
    • Enemies will no longer endlessly chace invulnerable targets.
  • Added Administrator utilities.
      • /createobject createattachment <armor/clothing> <mod> <modifier> allows an administrator to spawn a specific SEA.
      • /groupTeleport allows an administrator to transport an entire group of players to the desired location.
    • /recalcForce recalculates a players expected force pool.  Fixes previous bug related to Jedi Robes.

Hotfix 012 1/11/2018   Nightsister fix, Better Crystals, Faction Mission changes.

    • Nightsister Clothing Schematic drop removed from lower level Nightsisters.
    • Bugfix: Nightsister Clothing Pants may now properly craft with sockets.
    • Crystal Tuning Changes: Minimum ranges have been adjusted upward.  Pearls will now always tune at a minimum of -7.5 force cost.
    • Death Watch Bunker. Combat Level of various mobs has been slightly raised.
    • Death Watch Bunker.  Armor Attachments may drop from mobs located within.
  • Faction Mission Adjustments
      • Factional missions have received a base Faction Point increase of 5x.
      • LJK/DJK Factional Missions now require a minimum of 180CL instead of 212.  Loot and other rewards scale down proportionally.
      • LJK/DJK Missions CL cap has been increased for large groups able to obtain them.  Loot and other rewards scale up proportionally.
      • Sith Hunters and Rebel Commandos may drop Armor Attachments.
    • Factional Mission objectives now award Faction to the group, not the highest damage dealer.
    • Geonosian Cave Adjustments
        • Acklay loot increased.  Bones more common from Experimental and Primary Acklay.
        • Acklay now has a low chance of dropping Jedi Clothing Attachments.
        • Armor Attachments may now drop from Kiwi/Kliknik mobs.
        • Enhanced Rancor now has an additional CA drop chance, as well as an across the board 10% increase in loot chances.
      • Several mobs have had their CL adjusted upwards to modify overall difficulty and increase quality of drops
  • Krayt Dragons (Graveyard, Skeleton, etc)
      • Droprate of Krayt Pearls increased on all Krayt Dragons.
      • Swapped some lower tier Krayt Dragons with Krayt Ancients.
      • Krayt Queen now has a standard 20 minute respawn.  Ancients have been reduced to 12 minutes.
      • Removed some Generic Weapons Groups (CDEF) from Krayt Dragons.
    • Krayts now have a small chance of dropping non-Jedi Clothing and Armor attachments.

Patch 013 2/20/2018   FRS, Jedi Powers, BH Update, Chiss Base and… Invisible Hat!

    • Force Ranking System (FRS)
        • FRS implements CONTROL, POWER, and MANIPULATION stats
            • Control: Affects healing, Channel, Meditate, Force Shield, Drain Force, Force Breach, Force Intimidate
            • Power: Increases Damage from Force based Attacks and Debuffs (Does not include lightsaber damage)
          • Manipulation:  Affects saberblock, force armor mitigation, ForceRun Cooldown, Jedi State Resists.  Converts a portion of Jedi toughness to Lightsaber Toughness. Reduces heal costs, increases Lightsaber Damage.
      • FRS Gains, New Skills
          • Gain FRS with Normal PvP (Small Gains).
          • Larger gains by defeating Bounty Hunters and other Jedi.
          • Lose FRS when defeated.
          • Rank 1 grants Force Meditate,
          • Rank 4: HealAllSelf2, Master Healer gains access to Chain Heal
        • Rank7: Force Meditate now clears wounds and battle fatigue.
  • Jedi Force Powers Revamp
    • New Abilities added, both Passive and Active
        • Cloak of Pain: Grants scaling (investment in powers) damage reduction (up to 25%) for 5 seconds after damaging an enemy with a powers attack.
        • Unlimited Power: Returns force based on damage dealt by powers abilities. Also scales with powers investment.
        • Force Breach (Master Powers).  Active. 10 second debuff, 45 second cooldown.  Targets who are force breach suffer the following effects:
            • 15% reduction to all state defenses
            • Lose Protection of Force Shield and Absorb..
            • Force Armor is reduced to 65% effectiveness.
          • NPC enemies will have attacks against them at +1 Armor Piercing.
          • Bypass 75% of PSG resistances.
        • As part of the revamp, most powers have had their costs, delays, damage values adjusted.
        • Delays removed in favor of individual cooldowns on abilities.
        • Force Choke: Damage increased.  Damage type changed to Stun. Additionally its DoT component will now always target the lowest HAM pool.
        • Force Lightning damage type changed to Electric.  Players have AP2, NPCs do not.
        • Force Lightning will now apply a Burn DoT.  1% Max Health, random pool.
        • Mind Blast: Now targets a random pool in addition to mind pool.  Higher chance to apply dizzy state. May also produce a 10 second combat delay (Similar to warcry)
        • Force Throw: Damage Increased.  Damage type changed to Blast. Now has a chance to dizzy, blind and posture down.
        • Force Throw 2:  Now a cone posture down.  Kinetic multi-HAM damage added.
        • Force Knockdown: Knockdown chance increased, kinetic damage (all pools).  KD3’s range increased from 15 to 20 meters, AoE.
        • Force Weaken:  Now slows attack speed by 30%, lowers force regen by 10%.  HAM Reduction is now based on targets max HAM.
        • Force Weaken 2 will additionally affect secondary stats.
      • Saber Crystals & Powers:  Force Crystals now affect force cost, force returns.  Stats are averaged for damage (total range is -10% up to +15%).  Using powers randomly damages a single equipped crystal.
  • Bounty Hunter Revamp
      • New abilities, Items added
          • Hssissk Venom Dart: Disables targets Force Run.  15 second cooldown, target gains 15 seconds of immunity.  Also applies action poison.
          • Cortosis Grenade.  Rare Schematic. Crafted by Weaponsmith.  Deals kinetic damage and debuffs Jedi Force Regen.
          • Mark of Mandalore:  Passive application via attacks.  May stack up to 3 times (1 per individual bounty hunter).  Each stack reduces saberblock and damage by 5%, raises saber force cost by 1.  This effect may only be applied to active Jedi bounty targets.
        • Fearless Hunter: Passive.  When a bounty hunter’s target has lower health (% of max), intimidate is 25% less effective on the bounty hunter.
      • Bounty Hunter Skill Improvements, Changes
          • Eyeshot, FastBlast, TorsoShot are now valid with Carbine Weapons.
          • ConfusionShot, FireKnockdown, UnderhandShot, Sprayshot are now valid with Pistol Weapons.
          • Sprayshot: Accuracy +30.
          • Eyeshot Damage Multiplier increased from 2.5 to 3.0.
          • HealthShot2: Increased bleed potency by 15%.
          • BleedingShot: Multiplier increased from 2 to 2.5.  Bleed potency increased 30%.
          • TorsoShot: Burn potency increased by 30%.
          • FireKnockDown: KD chance increased 80 to 90.  Damage Multiplier increased from 3.0 to 3.5.
          • ActionShot2: Damage Multiplier increased from 2 to 2.5.
          • SupressionFire: Posture Down chance changed from 100 to 105.
          • FullAuto2: State chance normalized to 85 for all states.
          • LightningCone2, LightningSingle2: Dizzy chance increased from 75 to 80.
          • FastBlast: Damage Multiplier increased from 4.15 to 4.35
          • All 2nd Tier LLC abilities have a chance to apply dizzy
        • 2nd Tier LLC and FastBlast:  Have a chance of applying intimidate to Bounty Targets.
    • New Skill Bonuses, State resists (distributed throughout tree and MBH)
        • Dizzy: +5, Stun: +25, Blind: +15, Knockdown: +10.
        • Burst Run Effectiveness +10, Terrain Negotiation: +10.
        • Light Lightning Cannon Accuracy: +25.
      • Droid Tracking Effectiveness: +25.
      • Changes Max # of BH who may actively engage a Jedi (based on FRS Rank)
          • Padawan: 2 Bounty Hunters.
          • Rank 4: 3 Bounty Hunters.
        • Jedi Master: 4 Bounty Hunters.
    • Chiss Poacher Forward Base added
        • This is a revamp of the Rogue CorSec base.
      • This content is designed for strong parties, bring  your friends!
    • World Changes
        • Cantina Crackdown Events added to Corellia, Naboo, Tatooine (NPC cities)
        • Bestine Election and rewards implemented.
        • Victor Visalis Tusken Quest added.
        • Sean Trenwell Quest added.
        • Bestine Stone Collector implemented.
        • Corvette Badges now grant properly
        • Death Watch Bunker loot and difficulty adjusted.
      • Force Lord Jawa (Geo Cave) respawn changed to 45 minutes.
    • Faction Mission Changes
        • FP payouts are now shared with everyone in range who participates in combat.
        • All group members receive FP for destroying mission lair.
      • Lair Healing now has 32 meter leash.
    • Structure Changes
        • Player housing has had storage normalized to 300 items per lot.
        • Large houses, Guildhalls, Civic Structures the maximum is 1,500.
        • Structure Status will now display how many items, as well as structure maximum.
      • Destroying a structure will now remove its associated waypoint from your datapad.
  • Item Changes
      • Flamethrower behavior in PVP.  25% reduction in damage, gains AP2.
      • Powerups now have reduced chance of causing weapon decay.
      • Newly crafted powerup have uses increased to 500.
      • Armor attachments removed from armored belts will now correctly return Armor Attachments.
      • Vehicle deeds when dropped in a structure will now display the vehicle.
      • Mandalorian armor is now craftable by Armorsmiths.  Includes Lightsaber resistance and color customization.
    • SEA Removal tool will convert force intimidate accuracy to normal intimidate attachments.
    • Player City Changes
        • Dual Specializations (Master Politician) added.
            • Enhancement District: Combines Medical and Entertainment District.
          • Industrial District: Combines Research and Manufacturing District.
        • All City specializations include Clone and Sample Rich.  These options are now removed from Politician.
        • Entertainment District: Now properly increases Entertainer Buffs by 10%
      • Player Medical Centers:  Now passively heal wounds as NPC cities.
    • Galactic Civil War
        • Faction Penalties for Non-Humans (Imperial) changed to base 2%
        • Attacking Factional Targets now grants a TEF, enabling factional PvP.
        • Bounty Mission placement range increased to 1024 meters.
      • Additional to items purchasable with faction at your local recruiter:
          • Imperial Recruiter:
              • Schematic: Droidsmith’s Toolset: 15,000
              • High Velocity Blaster Barrels: 2,000
              • Lightweight Vibro Blade Units: 2,000
              • Schematic: Imperial PSG: 20,000
              • Schematic: Lightweight Military Backpack: 7,500
            • Form-Fitted Weapon Stock: 2,000
        • Rebel Recruiter:
            • Schematic: Weaponsmith’s Toolset: 15,000
            • High Velocity Blaster Barrels: 2,000
            • Lightweight Vibro Blade Units: 2,000
            • Schematic: Spec-Ops Field Pack: 7,500
            • Schematic: Modified Republic Blaster: 8,000
          • Form-Fitted Weapon Stock: 2,000
  • Profession Changes
      • Architect
          • Advanced Ore Mining Units now properly craftable
          • Advanced Mineral Mining Installation now properly craftable.
        • Added Mustafarian Bunker, Vehicle Garage schematics (Looted)
    • Armorsmith
        • Newly crafted interwoven RIS has up to 25% lightsaber resist.
      • Newly crafted Mandalorian Armor has up to 35% lightsaber resist.
      • Tailor
          • Covert Hat added.  Equippable hat that displays invisibly.
          • Nightsister pants may now craft with sockets.
          • Reinforced Fiber Panels and Synthetic Cloth may now take any Bio-Engineered Tissue.
          • Skirts now properly accept attachments.
          • Master Tailor may now craft Padawan, Light/Dark Jedi robes with sockets.
        • Shatterpoint, Cloak of Hate & Exar Kun Cultist robes are now craftable (Looted Schematics).  Wookiees may not wear Exar Kun Cultist Robes.
      • Fencer
        • +Taunt skill added to Fencing Technique branch.
      • Pikeman
          • +Taunt skill added to Polearm Defensive Technique branch.
          • PolearmSpinAttack2: Now has posture down effect.  20m range.
          • PolearmAreaAttack2: Damage Increased, 20m range.
        • PolearmHit3: Posture Down removed.
      • Swordsman
        • +Taunt skill added to Sword Defense branch.
      • Teras Kasi Artist
        • +Taunt skill added to Balance Conditioning branch.
      • Entertainer, Dancer, Musician
          • Mind buffs have been consolidated.  Dancer or Musician may now apply all 3 mind buffs with a single performance.
          • Dancing/Musician enhancement skill will affect all mind buffs.
          • Entertainer buffs duration increased to 3 hours, 30 minutes.
        • Shorter duration entertainer buffs will no longer overwrite longer durations buffs of same strength.
      • Marksman
        • TumbletoStanding:  Reduce chance of falling while dizzy from 85% to 35%
      • Pistoleer
        • multiTargetPistolShot: 3.75 damage multiplier.  30 degree cone. Chance to apply blind.
    • Bounty Hunter
      • Jedi who are AFK inside a private structure will no longer appear on Bounty mission terminals.
        • Jedi
            • Musician, Dancer, Image Design, Entertainer, Politician no longer count towards Jedi unlock.
            • Jedi auto attack may now grant visibility.
            • Jedi State Defense is now capped at 95.
            • Jedi Toughness now partially applies vs Force Powers.
          • Jedi Knight Trials altered
              • Sintaril Prowler: Requirement reduced from 8 to 3
            • Enraged Kimogila: Requirement reduced from 3 to 2.
        • Force Defense
          • +Taunt skill added to Force Defense branch
        • Force Enhancement
            • Force Run 3 now longer works in combat or while under TEF.
            • Force Run 2: 2.5 minute cooldown added.
            • Force Run 1: No longer has a cooldown.
            • Force Resist States Changes:
                • Now applies Jedi State Defense, instead of standard State Resist.
                • State Resist lowered to 60 from 70
                • Cost increased from 250 to 500 force.
              • Refreshes duration when used while already active.
            • All Force Resist buffs now last 30 minutes.
            • Force Armor 2 cost has increased from 3% to 3.75% of damage taken (PvP only).  Force Armor 1 is unchanged.
            • Force Speed has been corrected.  Flamethrowers and other slow weapons will gain 25% speed reduction instead of 75%.
            • Drain Force combat delay removed, cooldown added.
          • Master Enhancer will now extend force speed 1 to group mates when using Force Speed 2 on themself.
        • Force Healing
            • ForceHealStates:  Now costs 37.5 force per state removed. (Previously 25)
          • totalHealOther: Now performs as totalHealSelf, with 20% additional cost.
        • Force Powers
            • Animal Calm now behaves properly.
            • Fixed typo in Roce Intimidate cooldown message.
          • ForceIntimidateSingle cooldown is now per target instead of global
        • Lightsaber
            • Refined Crystal Packs now have no stats.  Stats on old packs will be ignored.
            • Refined Crystal Packs may now be created with a factory.
            • Lightsaber force cost minimum changed to 1 for PvE and PvP.
            • SaberBlock now has a 10% chance to reflect 30% of damage (PvE)
            • SaberBlock reduced to 55% chance (PvP).  Increased up to 20% via FRS.
          • Jedi now gain Ranged Damage mitigation.  Ranks at Novice Saber, Range Mitigation 4, and Master Lightsaber.
      • Force Sensitive
          • Village changed from 24 hour cycle to 3 day cycle.
          • Village conversation bugs fixed.
          • Jedi may now convert Jedi Experience to all types of Force Sensitive XP.
          • Unlocking Padawan now requires 4 full branches (up from 2)
          • Phase 3 Gamma waypoints improved.
        • The conversion of crafting experience has been doubled.
    • Lightsaber Normalization
        • All crafted sabers of the same generation now have the same damage range.
        • Lightsabers now have 2 offensive skill mods.  Lightsaber Accuracy & Lightsaber Speed. SEA Removal tool will convert old specific mods to the new system.
        • All individual skills have been converted to single skill commands
          • Full list of commands: saberHeadHit1-3, SaberBodyHit1-3, saberLegHit1-3, saberComboHit1-3, saberSpinAttack1-3, saberSweep1-3.
        • saberSpinAttack 1-3 is area posture down.
        • saberSweep 1-3 is area knock down.
        • Saber1hFlurry, saber2hFrenzy, saberpolearmDervish are now all AoE attacks with 16m range.  State chance is 75.
        • saber1hFlurry2, saber2hPhantom2,saberpolearmDervish2 are all AoE attacks with 60 degree cone, 20m range.  State chance is 85.
        • saberThrow3 is now 60 degree cone.
        • saberSlash 1,2: Bleed Potency Increased.
      • With these changes, pool specific hits have had their damage adjusted proportionally to saber damage changes.  Net effect is no change from previous system.
  • Bug Fixes, QoA and Miscellaneous
      • /addignore now functions across public channels
      • Sitting on chairs, sofas, etc works more reliably.
      • Fixed loading pause in heavily populated areas.
      • Deleted Character names are now recycled after 15 minutes.
      • Name Generator will no longer generate names that are in use.
      • New Command: /regrantSkills will refresh your currently learned skills to give you any bonuses or skills you are missing after an updated.  12 hour cooldown, must target self to activate.
      • Stomach values are now reset on death if you haven’t recently been involved in PvP.
      • Several stability and performance improvements across core systems.
      • Legacy PSGs are hard capped at 45% Lightsaber Resistance (May not display properly)
      • Intimidate Defense tapes re-enabled.  Now working properly against intimidate and force intimidate.
      • Force Weaken applied via NPC only lasts 20 seconds.
    • Force Burn (Force Lightning) does not apply from NPCs.

Hotfix 013a 2/23/2018   Bounty Hunter, Jedi tweaks.  FRS Experience Fix

    • Mandalorian Armor schematics may now be properly obtained in the Death Watch Bunker.
    • Mandalorian Armor Lightsaber resistance moved to special resist instead of base.
    • Hand Sampling mini game bug has been corrected, as well as related false system messages.
    • LightningSingle1, Cone 1: May now apply the dizzy state.
    • ForceKnockdown damage type changed from Kinetic to Stun
    • ForceKnockdown delay lowered by 0.25 seconds.
    • ForceThrow delay reduced by 1.5 seconds.
    • ForceBreach queue delay reduced by 1.5 seconds.
    • Mindblast cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds.
    • DrainForce, ForceIntimidateSingle range adjusted from 20 to 24 meters.
    • SaberSlash range increased to 20 meters.
    • Some Knight Trial mission targets have had their resistances lowered.
    • Torso shot damage reverted to pre patch 13 values.
    • Intimidate Defense now properly works against Bounty Hunter Intimidate.
    • Bounty Hunter Intimidate duration lowered from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • Rocketboots outgoing damage reduction reduce from 90% to 50%.
    • Personal Shield Generators will now last 25% longer in PvP.
    • Jedi Toughness now applies at a scaling rate based on your force defense instead of previous calculation of base+scaling.
  • FRS calculations have been recoded.  FRS gains and losses should be much more consistent when grouped.  FRS experience may no longer be reduced below 0.

Hotfix 013b 2/25/2018   More Bounty Hunter, Jedi tweaks.  NS clothing restrictions relaxed

    • Force Lightning: Damage type changed to lightsaber for PvE only.
    • Force Intimidate Single: Range increased from 24 to 32 meters.
    • Cloak of Pain:  Now provides up to 45% Damage Reduction (scaling based on powers investment).  This is reduced to 25% if force armor is active.
    • FRS Experience gains have been returned to default (Was previously ½).
    • FRS Experience loss reduced by 35%.
    • Bounty Hunter Intimidate: Chance lowered from 65 to 55.
    • Bounty Hunter Fearless Hunter: Intimidate mitigation reduced from 50% to 35%.
    • FastBlast: Damage multiplier lowered from 4.35 to 4.25.
    • Nightsister Clothing: Racial and Gender restrictions have been lessened where clipping is avoidable.
    • Fixed EMU Crash bug.
    • Ghost Mission Lairs have been fixed.
  • NPC Heavy Weapons have had their damage vs players lowered.

Hotfix 013c 2/27/2018   FRS tweaks, AI interaction changes,

    • Force Absorb & Cloak of Pain no longer return force while Avoid Incapacitation is active.
    • Super Battledroid:  Health returned to default values.
    • Blastomech in DWB has had its flamethrower damage lowered.
    • Force Breach:  Personal Shield Generator bypass reduced from 75% to 50%.
    • You may no longer board a shuttle from within a structure owned by a player.
    • You must now be within 25 meters of a ticket collector to board a shuttle if you are not within a Starport.
    • Death Watch Overlord no longer uses fencer/force powers.  He now uses Pikes and related abilities.
    • Master Healer (Jedi):  Chain heal is now available at FRS Novice rank instead of rank 4.
    • Treasure Maps:  Values returned to patch 12.
    • Force Throw: Posture Down state has been removed.
    • FRS now splits with everyone within your group within 256m.
  • FRS: PVP rating adjustments for FRS gains were removed.  FRS experience requirements have been appropriately adjusted to compensate and provide a reasonable progression curve.  As of this patch, your FRS rank will be re-adjusted upon FRS gain or loss. Gained experience will not be lost, but FRS ranks may be if you no longer meet the experience requirements.

Hotfix 013d 3/12/2018   Mando please?

    • Mindblast 1 damage increased by 100, combat delay removed.
    • ForceKnockdown1:  Combat Delay removed, functionality similar to saber throw.
      Force KD2/3 retain delay, as they are AoE abilities.
    • Cloak of Pain:  Master Powers was missing 2%, this has been corrected.
    • Chain Heal: Will no longer revive dead players.
    • Jedi Guardian: Bonuses are now properly showing
    • Master Defender: Jedi State Defense has been migrated to prenatural defense line.
    • Doctor poison, disease packs have had their required components altered to mirror standard buff packs.
    • Mandalorian Armor segment schematic will now properly drop from DWB Overlord.
    • Entertainer buffs have been normalized to provide a minimum of 1100.
    • Squad Leader Rally should no longer interfere with many actions it previously did.
  • Various string localizations corrected.

Hotfix 013e 3/15/2018   Chiss Bunker tweaks, hybrid nerf, mpowers scaling!

    • DWB Overlord:  Mandalorian armor segment schematic drop chance increased from 1% to 10%
    • Chiss Bunker: Damage pass, loot improvements, tape drop improvements, CL adjustments.
    • Force Breach: Now has proper 45 second per target cooldown applied upon initial cast.
    • /setpvp command:  Now is canceled and unusable if you have a GCW TEF.
    • Force Weaken 1,2: Duration reduced from 120 to 60 seconds.
    • Regular armor and Personal Shield Generators will no longer work if Force Armor is active.
    • Force Shield: Cost reduced by 25%.
    • Force Feedback: Damage increased to 40% cap from 35%.
    • Force Lightning:  Cooldown now properly scales, down to 1.9s at Master Powers.
    • Several EMU code exploits have been patched.
  • New security logging to detect attempted packet injections.  Logs include source IP, account, and other information.

Hotfix 013.5 4/22/2018   BH GCW TEF, Mad Dashes, Private Vendors, City Bazaar and more!

    • BH GCW-PVP: If a target bears an active GCW TEF and a BH attacks, they should be able to continue receiving outside assistance from teammates in the form of Heals, Transfer Force, Squad Leader buffs etc. The same is true for the BH if the BH flags up and is GCW Teffed as well.
    • New Skill: DASH: A new skill granted to all Elite Master melee professions (Swordsman/TK/Pike/Fencer) This is a 3 second movement speed burst usable once every 30 seconds. You are always vulnerable to posture down while dashing regardless of previous immunity windows.
    • Vendors are now placable in private structures.  These vendors will default to non-searchable. Any vendors within a structure changed from public to private will automatically be set to non-searchable regardless of owner.
    • Crafted Player City Banks will now feature a Bazaar terminal.
    • Max Bounty Hunter per Jedi has been tweaked. Only 1 per Padawan, 2 per Knight, 3 at FRS Rank 6 and 4+ after Rank 7.
    • Accarragm: New Stat, Action Enhancer combines previous bonuses with a decrease in flourish cost, allowing all races to be effective Entertainers. Additionally it increases the strength of the mind buffs granted while the entertainer is under the effect of it.
    • Mindblast, Warcry, Weaken:  The delays provided by these abilities now have a short window in which they are immune to being broken by damage.
    • Fortify: Cast delay has been removed.
    • RegrantSkills: Cooldown has been re-implemented, tweaks to increase performance.
    • FRS:  Continued adjustments to FRS calculations.  Equal manipulation scores should now directly counter each others bonuses.
  • FRS: FRS adjustments may no longer be gained if you are off planet.

Hotfix 013.6 4/22/2018   Saberblock for dummies?  Stacking less is more!

Bug Fixes

  • Jedi toughness effect on powers damage reduction was over-inflated. It has been corrected to 45% at Master Defender
    instead of 56.5%.
  • Saberblock will no longer work without investment into the LS tree, everyone was getting a minimum of 55
    saber block and the scaling frs mod was too high. All of these issues have been resolved.

Balance Changes

  • Cloak of Pain gives a substantial flat DR buff to resistance which usually comes with greater offence, it was a no-brainer to take. Activating a damaging force ability and granting yourself COP now comes at a defensive cost. Your melee and ranged defence will be lowered proportionally by how much mitigation you are gaining from COP.
  • Fortify’s auto intimidate now matches the range of force intimidate single (24 meters).
  • While under the effects of a combat delay (Warcry, mindblast, posture change or other mezz effects), fortify’s auto intimidate will not function.  This is only for the duration of the mezz effect.

Hotfix 013.7 5/20/2018   States, PSGs, Power & defense tweaks

  • Force choke damage type reverted to Lightsaber from Stun.
  • Force choke now respects armor and PSG damage reduction.
  • Force Breach will now boost force choke to AP3 for its duration.
  • ForceFeedBack now works against the initial application of force choke.
  • Force protection vs powers now scales directly from Force Defense instead of the combination scaling of Force Defense and Jedi Toughness.
  • Force Breach now breaches 45% of Force Defense, up from 35%.
  • Bonus state application chance from FRS now scales off manipulation instead of power, leveling the field between Lightside and Darkside users for state application.
  • PSGs now have an internal anti-spike mechanism. PSGs will only take damage at a maximum of once per second. In most 1v1 scenarios this should have no impact, in group fights it should help them last longer.

Hotfix 013.8 2/17/2019  Jedi Toughness, Powers fixes and adjustments

  • Bug with Jedi Toughness corrected, it should not calculate correctly.
  • Lighting Burn DoT reduced from 2.5% to 1% of creatures Max HAM.
  • Lightning Damage reduced in PvE from 5.25x to 3.5x.
  • Lightning Damage reduced in PvP from 2.15x to 1.75x.
  • Cloak of Pain Force siphon for Lightning Cone bugfix.  Force returns should not be properly limited.

Patch 013.9 8/13/2019FRS changes, Infrastructure improvements

General Changes

  • General mission/faction terminals now allow players to set the direction of missions via the radial menu.  This value is saved until changed. (Adapted From: Tarkin’s Revenge)
  • General mission/faction terminals will allow ungrouped players to select the level of missions they want via the radial menu, including low level missions.  An ungrouped player will not be able to pull missions higher than solo level and will need to be in a group to pull high level missions.  This value is saved until changed.
  • Added /locateStructure command which will list a player’s structures and their locations.  This command can be used once per minute.
  • The Bespin Cloud house has been added as a loot schematic.    You’ll have to look up to find it.
  • Dathomir witches have found their misplaced stun batons
  • Changed starting new player location to Highgarden only.   Added new player terminal in Highgarden.
  • Unlocked containers now hold 50 items
  • Fixed a few misspelled strings
  • Fixed /findObject command (admin only)

Jedi / Force Sensitive

  • Removed all combat skills, crafting skills, and certifications from FRS tree, Jedi Guardian, and Jedi Master.
  • Cloak of Pain damage reduction now based on force armor/shield of defender not attacker
  • Cloak of Pain defense modifier penalty is now working properly.   Defense modifiers will be reduced by the adjusted Cloak of Pain percentage.    For Master Powers, this is a maximum of 45% and a minimum of 25%.    The max a defense modifier can be reduced is 125 * 45% = 56.
  • Removed force power max/regen from all Jedi robes and moved to Padawan skill box – wear whatever you want!
  • The forceRevive skill for master healer should now work properly.
  • Sith attacks in Phase 4 are now on a consistent 90-minute timer
  • Re-enabled general crafting XP conversion to force sensitive crafting XP


  • Removed random slice option and removed 15% penalty for selectable slice


  • Advanced padded armor segments will now accept an enhancement
  • Fixed resource quantities on Mando armor chest plate
  • Changed AV-21 deed appearance to match the vehicle appearance
  • Removed annoying resource sampling popup and minigame
  • Resource containers will now display the resource class and resource name.  You will have to split existing stacks to generate the name. (Adapted From: Tarkin’s Revenge)


  • The 4 boxes of image designer skills in the entertainer tree now cost 1 skill point each.
  • Added mandoviol instrument certification to Musician musical knowledge 2.   Existing musicians will need to use the /regrantSkllls command to pick up the certification.

Patch 013.9a 9/06/2019 Powers, Bounty Hunter and Creature Handler updates.  Engine updates, and QoL changes.


  • Newly looted satchels and cargo pockets now hold 50 items
  • Vendor owners will receive an e-mail when an item is offered to one of their vendors. (Adapted From: Tarkin’s Revenge)
  • The Infinity custom .TRE files have been consolidated into one file, infinity_custom.tre.   Please delete infinity*.tre files and re-run launcher.


  • Pets now receive the initial 1.5X damage multiplier that players do.  This includes CH pets, faction pets, and droids.
  • Pet accuracy has been increased by 2X for low accuracy pets (e.g. CH pets)
  • PVP Damage reduction now applies to pets and player lightning is electricity damage against pets rather than lightsaber damage


  • Harvesting droids will turn auto-harvest on automatically when called


  • Newly created/looted Mabari armorweave chest plates will provide protection for both body and bicep slots.   This means a three-piece Mabari mini-suit will provide full coverage.
  • All types of armor have the option to change all the different colors on the armor.   Multiple color change windows will pop up for all the colors that can be modified.   Thanks to the ModTheGalaxy team for the code.

Bounty Hunter

  • Fixed gethunted level server crash issue with Mark of Mandalore buff
  • Mark of Mandalore hunter buff now correctly lowers Jedi damage by 5% per hunter
  • Mark of Mandalore hunter buff now increases saber force cost of mark by 1.5 for each hunter
  • Mark of Mandalore hunter buff lowers saber block by 5 for each hunter

Jedi / Force Sensitive

  • Lightsaber force cost correctly adjusted to 1 force cost in PVE and 5 force cost in PVP
  • Force defense is now working properly for non-Master Defender templates.   It is a 45% reduction at 125 force defense, and now scales with FRS up to a 16.7% bonus.   A rank 11 master defender with +25 tape will have a 52.5% reduction in force powers damage.
  • Saberblock has a 50 cap in PVP for non-MLS lightsaber, and 60 cap in PVP for MLS.   It now scales up to 75% (non-MLS) or 85% (Master Lightsaber) at FRS rank 11 based on force manipulation skill.
  • First generation lightsaber certifications are now granted at novice powers.  Don’t forget to /regrantskills.
  • Force powers use a base value of 100 lightsaber accuracy to calculate hit chance
  • Cloak of Pain now has its own combat spam that shows the correct amount of damage reduction
  • Force powers bonus damage based on crystal damage has been corrected.   It is 15% with crystals average 70, 10% with average 50, 0% with average 40.
  • Force siphon power return now has a 20% penalty when a lightsaber is not equipped
  • Added novice and master titles for all Jedi skill trees and mastery titles for force sensitive trees

EMU Publish 10 Updates (Highlights only)

  • Fixed droid deeds losing their modules
  • Fixed factory blueprints consuming all identical single components in hopper at once
  • Players can no longer make a pet attack while player is swimming
  • Check player access to building for Combat Medic poison/disease application
  • Check player access to building when attacking creature inside
  • Fixed looting of no-trade items inside buildings
  • Removed action cost from melee powerup primary stats
  • /stoplisten now functions without an argument or target

Patch 013.9b 11/02/2019 Bug fixes, tweaks


    • The force siphon from inflicting damage with force powers now correctly scales with the attacker’s number of skills boxes in the powers tree
    • Increased force lighting single 1 force cost from 25 to 45 to be consistent with force siphon fix
    • Force siphon will not return force from non-player creatures if the Jedi has a PVP or BH TEF
    • Removed extra force pool and regen that was remaining on some player characters from previous robe force skill mods
  • Fixed logic with Jedi master healer chain heal in FRS and removed the force cost of the chain heals.    The chain heal amount can not exceed the amount of the initial heal. 


    • Faction pets will only attack opposite faction targets
  • Faction pets will only attack players and player pets if both opponents are special forces and of opposite factions


  • Lowered kinetic resists on several NPC’s and creatures from 100 to 90

Patch 013.9c 10/28/2019 Bugfixes & tweaks!


  • Fortify now has an initial force cost of 40, costs 2 force per attacker intimidated, and the effect lasts 5 seconds
    • Non-player creatures can be intimidated every 5 seconds when the effect drops
    • Players can be intimidated only after a 5-7 second cooldown timer has expired
  • FRS Jedi who are intimidated will now bypass up to 12.5% of the intimidate effect based on FRS control mod
  • FRS Jedi who are attacked by an intimidated target will gain up to 12.5% additional intimidate damage reduction based on FRS power mod
  • Corrected bug with force powers receiving FRS mod bonus twice
  • Force siphon check on PVP TEF was preventing siphon from working on factional PVE targets.   The TEF check is now on BH TEF and factional TEF’s while Special Forces.

Bounty Hunter

  • Fearless Hunter – If the percentage health of a bounty hunter’s Jedi target is 20 percentage points lower  than the bounty hunter’s, intimidate will be 15% less effective against ranged bounty hunters, and 35% less effective against melee bounty hunters
  • Player bounty missions are now identified and show the name of the player target


  • Reverted neutral faction mission bounty hunters default.   Added new bounty hunter thug template for treasure map missions.

Patch 013.9d 12/22/2019 PvP event preparation.

  • When a target with force feedback is breached with force breach, 60% of force shield is bypassed. After this reduction in force shield, there is now a corresponding reduction in force feedback.
  • All factional turrets now have the same resists including lightsaber, but are vulnerable to blast. Armor ratings and hitpoints are unchanged.
  • The delay between creating characters has been changed back to 1 hour.
  • Reversion (Hotfix 13.5): Accarragm has been changed back to stock modifiers (Action stats)

Patch 013.9e 02/01/2020 PVP Balance and New Items

Bounty Hunter

  • Hssiss venom darts will only remove force run when the poison lands on the target.
  • Master Bounty Hunter is required to use a Cortosis grenade to affect a Jedi bounty’s force regeneration.
  • Bounty hunters must be engaged with a Jedi target and have a BH TEF to use Hssiss vendom darts and Cortosis grenades.
  • The Mark of Mandalore debuff no longer stacks for multiple BH’s and only applies once.
  • The number of Bounty hunter missions allow per rank is now as follows:
    • Padawan to FRS Rank 3: 1
    • FRS Rank 4 to 7: 2
    • FRS Rank 8 to 10: 3
    • FRS Rank 11: 4


  • Regain Consciousness now has zero force cost, a 1 hour cooldown, and restores the Master Enhancer to 25% force if their force is below 25%.
  • Saberblock from the Jedi Guardian skill box is no longer ignored. For Jedi Guardian and above, xxx4 Lightsaber starts at 55 saberblock and MLS starts at 65 before FRS mods. xxx4 LS at rank 11 will have 82.5% saberblock.   MLS at rank 11 will have 85% saberblock which is the cap.
  • Removed bonus to drainForce command for Master Enhancer. Previously, Master Enhancers drained for more and were drained less.
  • For Master Enhancers, Force Feedback 1 & 2 and Force Absorb 1 & 2 will have the duration doubled.
  • The amount that Force Shield reduces drainForce is now modified by FRS control mod like other force powers damage.
  • Force Defense now reduces drainForce just like other force powers damage and is modifed by FRS manipulation mod.
  • Force Feedback damage to an attacker using force powers will be mitigated by the attackers Force Shield and Force Defense.
  • Force Breach now reduces Force Feedback damage by 60% like other defenses
  • The Lightsaber Pike has been added as a looted schematic with unlimited uses. There is one schematic for each generation of lightsaber.


  • Master tailors can now craft FRS robes. The robes will have up to 4 sockets and will allow shirts, pants, and shoes underneath.
  • Skirts should now show up under the proper heading in the clothing and armor crafting tool.

Patch 013.9f 02/14/2020 Combat bug fixes/tweaks and admin tools


  • Defensive acuity will now work with a vibroknuckler equipped
  • Fixed bug with secondary defenses (block,counterattack,dodge,defensive acuity) not firing after the saberblock secondary check
  • For intimidated player defenders, secondary defenses are now reduced by 50% rather than 100% and combat equilibrium is reduced by 50% instead of 66%.
  • Mark of Mandalore now works at novice bounty hunter rather than master bounty hunter
  • Mark of Mandalore saberblock reduction of -5 now occurs AFTER the 85 saberblock cap check

World / Admin

  • Added nospawn/nobuild zone around Battle of Endor battlefield
  • Added Special Event Medical Services buff bot NPC (Thanks to SWG Awakening)
  • Added Infinity Medical Droid wound healing NPC
  • Added Infinity Special Event Travel Droid (Thanks to Tarkins Revenge)
  • Added ability for admins to adjust FRS XP without restarting server

Patch 013.9g 03/07/2020 Misc bug fixes/tweaks and admin tools


  • Added optional synthetic cloth slots to Simple Shirt, Casual Shirt, Reinforced Work Shirt, and Trim Lined Shirt


  • Added missing FRS power modifier to Force Weaken 1
  • Fixed bug where FRS Jedi were not getting benefit of accuracy buffs from food and squad leader rally buff

World / Admin

  • Added additional PVP/FRS logging to console
  • Fixed Coronet Starport location on Infinity Travel Droid
  • Added Dathomir PVP locations to Infinity Travel Droid

Patch 013.9h 04/16/2020 Combat bug fixes/tweaks

Combat (Combat Medic and Jedi)

  • Applying Combat Medic DOT’s in PVP will now apply the proper TEF to the Combat Medic
  • Fixed forceCurePoison/Disease cooldown messages. Corrected force cost checks on forceCureDisease. TotalHealSelf/Other are not affected by curePoison/cureDisease cooldowns.

Patch 013.9i 08/06/2020 TRE Update, Grenade changes, BH/Jedi Balance

TRE Update

  • Fixed the display names of some Mando armor schematics
  • Cortosis grenade schematic should now show up properly in the weapon, droid, general crafting tool
  • Corrected saber2Hphantom description in client
  • Fixed back door exit in Theed cantina

Grenade Changes

  • Increased speed and accuracy of Cortosis grenades and reduced the damage
  • Saberblock no longer works on grenades. This brings Infinity inline with EMU team code.

BH / Jedi Balance

  • A Jedi that dies by a rare suicide event will not lose FRS if bounty hunter mission is active
  • Corrected bounty hunter mission broadcasts when Jedi commits suicide
  • Hssiss Venom Darts and Cortosis grenades no longer require the bounty hunter to have a BH TEF.
  • The bounty hunter must have a bounty mission for the target of the dart or grenade. This will allow first-strike use of these weapons in BH-Jedi PVP.


  • Fixed power range on base geo spider venom loot template
  • Increased the level, HAM, and damage of the Monstrous Brute rancor lair boss mob and increased any static spawn timers

Patch 013.9j 10/08/2020 TRE Update, Armor, Weapons, Housing

TRE File Update

  • The infinity_custom.tre file has been updated.   You need to delete the file from your Infinity folder and re-scan with launcher
  • Fixed various armor objects, strings, and city notifications


  • Six new windowed houses have been added to Master Architect – 3 Small, 2 Medium, 1 Large
  • Two additional windowed houses will be available as loot schematics
    • Large Generic House (Floorplan 2 w/ windows)
    • Small Generic House (Floorplan 2 w/ windows)
  • Jabba’s Sail Barge House has been added as a loot schematic
  • Fixed location of Tatooine City Hall sign. You will need a new city hall placed to see the sign.

Armor Updates

  • Added missing third defensive layer on Interwoven Bone Armor Schematic
  • Added two optional synthetic cloth slots to Mabari Armorweave belt
  • Kashyyykian Hunting Armor now has electricity as the special resist, kinetic is moved to base resists
  • Fixed multiple Kashyyykian armor schematics and condition values

Weapon Updates

  • Increased DOT uses on Nightsister Energy Lance to 99.99 million
  • Berserker rifle is now energy damage, AP2, with increased damage and accuracy.    It also requires blaster power handler instead of project feed mechanism.
  • T-21 Rifle blaster power handler quantity reduced from 10 to 5
  • Added minimum damage to Geo spider fangs, increased max damage

Mob Updates

  • Kiin Dray now has stats and loot consistent with a Spiderclan boss mob
  • A few various mobs may have had their stats boosted
  • Increased chance of Gorax lairs, increased minor gorax stats, added minimum damage to Gorax shards

Combat Changes

  • Block secondary defense now reduces damage by 100%, up from 50%

Patch 014 12/11/2020 Make Pets Great Again!

NOTE: TRE File Update

  • The infinity_custom.tre file has been updated. You need to delete the following two files from your Infinity folder then rescan
    • infinity_custom.tre
    • swgemu_live.cfg
  • Christmas has come to Infinity.    Look for special mobs and changes for the holiday season.

Bioengineered Pets

  • BE pet crafting system has beee reworked to allow for more effective creatures
  • 95 max creature level (CL)
  • Maximum armor rating – light
  • 80% Max resists on kinetic/energy, 90 on others except lightsaber resist capped at 35%
  • Max HAM 36,000
  • To-Hit Ratio targeted at 1.3 to 1.7 for CL 95 pets.
  • Max DPS 750 (1500 damage every 2.0 seconds).
  • Flite Rasp added as new skin for BE pets

DNA Sampling

  • Players will be able to DNA sample creatures up to CL 350, but higher CL creatures will aggro more often
  • BE Pet Deeds will allow sampling the same number of times as a live creature for cloning
  • The aggro chance on BE sampling has been reduced
  • Mask Scent and Camouflage have been improved and should break less frequently. Crawling is best, then sitting/kneeling, standing/walking, running/mounted is the worst

Creature Handler (CH) Revamp

  • The best pets will be CL 95 and will require master CH plus +25 Max Level of Pets SEA
  • Non-CH max level has been increased from 10 to 20
  • Taming ferocious, high-level creatures will likely require taming clothes, Creature Taming Bonus tapes, and taming food (Almond-Kwevvu Crisp Munchies).
  • State Resists for both tamed and BE pets will be based on CL of the creature, with CL 95 pets having the highest resists
  • Player force lightning will do electricity rather than LS damage to player pets
  • Some wild creatures have had their levels / stats / resists adjusted to be viable tamable pets. Example: Better resists on certain rancors. New creatures have also been added.
  • Enrage and Embolden have been improved. Their effectiveness will scale with the number of boxes taken in the CH skill tree up to a 20% bonus to DPS or HAM respectively.
  • Attempting to train pets will fail less often
  • Pets will grow from baby to adult in 24 hours
  • Pet tricks will more quickly heal a pet’s mind and battle fatigue
  • Mount speeds have been normalized and doubled. Gallop lasts 5 minutes with a 10 minute cooldown
  • Adjusted modifiers on Beast Master Control Ring from Geonosian Lab
  • Creature knowledge skill modifier to view creature special attacks has been reduced by 10 at each level. At 70 creature knowledge, you can see both special attacks on a creature.

Pet Healing and Buffs

  • Pet Stims have been increased in power and cooldown reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds. The range for pet stimpacks has been increased from 5 to 10 meters.
  • Fish has been replaced with Endorian Insect meat in the recipe for Pete Stimpack D’s
  • Pet Stimpack C’s will now allow any insect meat as in ingredient
  • Sweesonberry Rolls and Felbar foods have had their buff amounts increased.


  • Added XJ-2 Airspeeder vehicle.   This is the one that Bail Organa drove.
  • The following vehicles have had terrain negotiation increases. If your old vehicle won’t work, please contact an admin.
    • AB-1 Landspeeder
    • AV-21 Landspeeder
    • Jetpack
  • Corrected decay rate on jetpack

Jedi Master Defender

  • Avoid Incapacitation (AI) is now a 80% damage reduction buff and will not prevent actual incapacitation
  • Mobs will no longer drop aggro and return to their starting locations when Avoid Incapacitation is activated

Skill Enhancing Attachments (SEA’s) and SEA Removal Tool

  • Items with 0 condition will no longer provide skill mod values from SEA’s or BE mods once the player equips or unequips any other item
  • SEA Removal Tools will have a 10% chance to fail extraction


  • Updated Bestine Election, Bestine Museum, and Hero of Tatooine screenplays to Publish 10 and they should work properly
  • Added 8 new paintings for Christmas 2020 event
  • The following clothing items have had optional synthetic cloth slots added:
    • Gunman’s Duster,
    • Light Bustier
    • Revealing Bikini
    • Metal Bikini
    • Small Bustier
    • Sports Bustier
    • Thin Pleated Skirt
    • Two-Tone Formal Skirt
    • Noble Skirt
    • Refined Skirt
    • Wrapped Skirt
    • Fashionably Pleated Skirt
    • Decorative Skirt
    • Belted Skirt
  • Fixed quantities on a few composite armor draft schematics to normalize ingredient weighting
  • Added Forty Sided and Fifty Side dice sets
  • The master title for the force sensitive crafting tree has been changed to “Force Crafting Master”

Patch 014.1a 12/18/2020 CH/BE Tweaks

BE / CH Revamp Adjustments 

  • Creature Resists and special attacks have been adjusted on a variety of creatures to increase taming / DNA sampling options
  • Level 95 DNA should have improved stats.
  • Corrected fortitude calculation for DNA sampling
  • Adjusted ferocity calculation for DNA sampling
  • When crafting a genetic template, ff any one of the 5 DNA slots is vulnerable to a resist, then the genetic template will be vulnerable to that resist
  • When crafting a genetic template, If any one of the 5 DNA slots has a special resist, resists for all 5 slots will be calculated as special
  • Bull rancor mission difficulty / payout has been increased to reflect the mob difficulty
  • Novice Creature handlers can now tame / control a minimum pet level of 20, just like non-CH players. Previously, at novice CH with no Max Level of Pets SEA they could only control up to level 12. Max level of pets SEA will allow up to level 37 (12+25) for novice CH.

Patch 014.1b 1/2/2021 CH/BE Buffs / Squad Leader / Crafting / Bug Fixes

Config File

  • Winter is leaving.   When you run the launcher after the patch, you shouldn’t see snow anymore.


  • Pet overall damage multiplier increased from 1.0 to 2.0.   There was a bug and the previous 1.5 multiplier was not working.
  • Pet poison and disease DOT’s will have a 25% reduction in damage compared to equivalent wild creatures based on the damage multiplier mentioned above.
  • Pet DOT’s will have up to a 25% additional chance of landing at level 95. This scales with pet CL.
  • Decreased armor piercing against pets by 1 level from NPC’s only.  This will effectively give pets up to medium armor versus NPC’s only.
  • Increased state chance on creatureAreaCombo and creatureAreaKnockdown from 75 to 100
  • Voritor dasher should now have the correct pet control device in the datapad. This will only apply to newly tamed babies.
  • Adjusted taming chance on voritor dasher from 0.05 to 0.15
  • The chance for special attacks to stick in DNA crafting has increased.  With VHQ DNA, there is now a 90.75% chance of both specials sticking.
  • Wild lairs will now have a 40% chance of spawning a boss. Destroy missions continue to have a 33% chance.

Squad Leader

  • Squad leaders will now gain XP regardless of squad leader or group member location
  • Squad leaders will gain XP from group member combat XP and Jedi XP, even if group members are capped on XP


  • Removed Infinity-specific additional 25% flamethrower damage reduction in PVP


  • Reduced force power damage bonus on lairs from 3.0x to 2.0x
  • FRS Manipulation mod now correctly reduces DOT damage to the FRS Jedi


  • Complexity for droid and armorsmith subcomponents has been lowered to 1 to be consistent with other draft schematics
  • Factory crate size for all armor subcomponents now set at 1000
  • All standard armors (Not Mando/R.I.S.) will now have the following segment requirements – Chest: 4, Legs: 3, Helmet:3, Boots:1, Bicep:1, Bracer:1, Gloves: 1
  • Corrected and normalized effectiveness range on all advanced armor segments


  • There is no longer a GCW XP bonus for neutral players

Patch 014.1c 1/21/2021 New PVE/PVP Battlefield and New Collectible Loot

TRE file update

  • New Infinity_custom.tre file is required. Be sure to scan.

New Collectible Loot

  • Paintings! Lots of new paintings are available on mobs throughout the entire galaxy. This includes mural paintings that fit together.


  • Adjusted segment requirements on all standard armors
    • Chest:4, Helmet:3, Legs:2, Boots:2, Bicep:1, Bracer:1, Gloves:1
  • Corrected factory crate size on blast layer to 1000
  • Chitin Armor Segment and Advanced Chitin armor segments now have cold as a special in place of kinetic.

Jedi Healer

  • Diagnose ability has been granted to novice Jedi healer skill box. You will need to /regrantskills or learn the novice healer box to gain the ability.

Screenplay Updates

  • Bestine Election Quest – Implemented minor patch to reset the clock and added admin controls to reset in the future if the quest bugs again.
  • Corellian Corvette – Neutral Destroy and Imperial Rescue search boxes have been moved out from Chiss Base bunker to a safer place to search.

New Battlefield – Battle of Rori

  • A new PvE/PvP battlefield added on Rori. Travel is available to Rebel and Imperial staging areas from shuttles on Rori.
  • Players must be overt to participate, you will be ejected from the battlefield to the closest recruiter if you are not. If you are neutral you will be ejected to Narmle.
  • Each side has a tough Captain in their staging area. Killing this captain will kick off a 6 phase battle in the center of the map with each phase becoming increasingly difficult.
  • During each phase the death of one random Rebel and one random Imperial soldier will spawn the next phase of battle. These are also the only NPCs that drop loot. The catch is simple, when one dies, the other immediately de-spawns so that only one faction gets loot in that phase.
  • The fights are intentionally difficult, we recommend bringing some friends. However, this is not Chiss base “difficult”.
  • The battle is on a 2-hour timer. When you load into either shuttle you will see a note showing either how many minutes until the battle will reset or the note that a Cease Fire is active. Killing one of the Captains starts the battle clock. At 2 hours the entire battlefield resets.
  • Server-wide announcements will be made when the Cease Fire is broken with the player name that made the initial attack as well as their faction in a call for the opposing side to come and defend.
    Server-wide shame and congratulations will also be made as each phase of battle ends.
  • The player that kills the random faction member in the final phase of battle gets a trophy.
  • If you shuttle to the wrong shuttle, you will be immediately teleported to the correct shuttle.
  • If you clone at the wrong cloner you will be immediately teleported to the correct cloner.
  • If you are “in combat” you will NOT be able to run back into the shuttle area and instead you will get some taunts calling you a coward and to stand your ground.

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