We are looking for 2-3 new Senators to join the Senate to help us with balance, improvement and new content ideas.

What is the Senate?

As the Project Operator (me, Qrave), it is difficult to constantly monitor in-game chat and conversations that happen 24×7. Some of the major complaints are missed and we don’t get to capture what really needs fixed or improved.

The Senate is a conglomerate of guild leaders and pillars of the community who regularly openly discuss the development, imbalance, issues and problems that we need to solve as a team – feeding this critical information and feedback to me, Cyruss and Saereth + R&D so we can start to make decisions on what to work on next.

The Senators are the ‘voice’ of their segments of the community.

As a Senator it will be your responsibility to keep eyes peeled and ears open to identify trending issues that we need to solve. It is also your responsibility to help promote Infinity to encourage new players to join and make new players feel welcome.

Our mission

To maintain Pre-CU SWG and create a “better than live” fun, balanced and friendly environment to hunt loot, roleplay and take down the opposing faction in PVP!

Please can all those interested in joining the Senate email me at and include the below:-

  • Character name
  • About you IG/IRL
  • Guild
  • How many people do you represent in-game?
  • Why should you be accepted into the senate?
  • Two other players who support your application

Please note: The Senate will rotate and Senators changed to keep diversity.

Force be with you,