Our friends over at SWG Aftermath have decided to join forces with Infinity and will shut down Aftermath at the end of the month. We have been in discussions the last 48 hours to finalise a migration package for Aftermath players so they have somewhere to call home, with a good head-start ahead of them rather than starting from scratch.

Aftermath and Infinity are very alike with a couple of really unique components, the key differences are the Jedi skill tree’s (which are not changing at Infinity), the custom GCW System (which Infinity will implement) and the Group TEF/Saber TEF features at Aftermath (Infinity are not implementing).

The key Aftermath features that we’ll implement at Infinity are:

Aftermath has a fantastic community, just like Infinity. People seem generally very friendly and enjoy SWG for its core functionality and atmosphere. We look forward to and welcoming the Aftermath community here.

To help Aftermath players to get started, Infinity will give each unique player the following:

  • 2 x Crafting Master Professions
  • 2 x Combat Master Professions
  • 1 x Misc Master Profession (Musician/Dancer/Doc/CM/etc)
  • 2 x +25 attachments of choice
  • 3 x 30k of any chosen resource on GH
  • 1 x Jedi Character (if they have Jedi on AM)
    plus Capped Jedi XP
  • 100k Credits
  • 10,000 Aftermath Currency (see below)
    • Aftermath Currency will be used on a special vendor to trade it currency for RNG loot drops, giving AM players a chance to turbo-start here.
    • Unique Aftermath Painting to be issued in future patch via vendor

This also means that we may be inheriting additional staffing and support roles to help continually develop and improve SWG.

Long live SWG and let’s continue to grow and develop Infinity together.