Patch 069- 09/09/2021 – More is better

PVP Battlefields On deathblow players are moved to a new random spot (it used to be after the 12 second cooldown) When moved the player is given a temporary buff of Cloak of Pain to prevent any attacks from doing anything to them. This lasts for 30 seconds, so you have time to stand up and realize where you are. The grand finale airstrike has been amped up in visual impact and radically reduced in damage to players. So come…

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Patch 068 – 09/03/2021 – Battlefield Improvements, Jedi Balance Tweaks

PVP Battlefield changes Players are automatically rebuffed at 25, 50 and 72 minutes during the event to maintain the 30 minute buff.  This rebuff provides a HAM heal by default. You will receive a green message that says “Your buffs have been extended” During the final 2 minutes of the battlefield event, the penalties for leaving the arena have been removed. This means you can run away all you want.  This is to address the issue where the end of…

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Patch 067 – 08/26/2021 – Battlefield, FRS, and Jedi Balance Updates

PVP Battlefield Updates Stability has been improved Players are only announced once every 10 minutes on entering a battlefield instead of each time they walk in and out Loot Revamp Loot takes place on deathblow instead of incapacitation Pet owners will now get loot when their pet deathblows another player inside the arena Loot will now randomize to all members of the group.  Ungrouped players will loot the same as before. An inventory-full check is in place.  If a group…

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Patch 066 – 08/18/2021 – Battlefield, FRS, and Screenplay Tweaks

PVP Battlefield Update Stability has been improved and should prevent any server deadlocks or crashes Pets (faction and CH) are now largely ignored in the battlefields However, pets are NO LONGER EXEMPT from airstrikes.  This was always the intention, but we needed to create an additional function first.  You will receive a message about airstrike damage to your pet.  Pets get hit for 1/3 of their HAM on every strike.  This is not random.  Add their health/action/mind, divide by 3,…

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Patch 065 – 08/14/2021 – Battlefield Hotfix

PVP Update – IMPORTANT If you enter an arena with buffs, they no longer clear unless they are worse than the event buffs Event buffs are applied at a power of 3200 for health/action and 2210 for mind, which is inline with Greg’s buffs but is slightly lower than event buffs from the past Buffs no longer clear after you leave the battle, but they are only 30 minutes in duration, so they are mostly useless outside the arena Airstrike…

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Patch 064 – 08/12/2021 – Make PVP Great Again!

Jedi Force Rank Experience maintenance payments have been enabled Base maintenance cost paid to your Jedi Enclave is 700 force rank experience per rank per week (700 for rank 1, 7700 for rank 11) FRS maintenance cost will be increased by 5X if you don’t login during the week or don’t have enough visibility to be on the BH terms. (3500 XP for rank 1, 38,500 XP for rank 11). FRS Jedi should be out in the world mixing it…

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Patch 062 – 07/23/2021 – Resistance is not futile!

Disease and Poison Resist Buff Improvements Poison and disease resist B’s have had their duration increased to a max of 101 minutes Poison and disease resist C’s have had the following improvements: Duration increased to a max of 130 minutes Min values for absorption and charges have been moderately increased Power has been increased by 8 points on the minimum and 10 points on the maximum Jedi Healer Force Cost Fixes Corrected force cost on the following abilities: healAllSelf1 healBattleFatigueSelf2…

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Patch 061 – 07/18/2021 – Screenplay, Loot, and Combat Tweaks

Krayt Valley Traps have been dialed back a little to make the caves and valley more approachable and fun for solo players Cave 1 and 2 had mistakes in the static spawns that were addressed.  Cave 1 will be much different now. None of the changes impacted the Krayt King quest Starship Hangar (Hangar House) IMPORTANT: Changed from 2 lots to 5 lots so they can be used for storage. This means you could go over in lots and have…

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Patch 059 – 07/09/2021 – Crafted Faction and Bounty Hunter Armor!

Crafted Faction Armor All armor is faction-restricted except the Neutral backpack Stats of faction armor are comparable to composite armor The schematics are purchased from faction recruiters No factory runs are allowed and the schematic use limits are 5 for armor and 3 for the backpack Armor schematics for both factions with 3 options for appearance: Imperial Elite Stormtrooper Camouflaged Stormtrooper Battle Worn Stormtrooper Rebel Elite Rebel Assault Camouflaged Rebel Assault Battle Worn Rebel Assault for Rebel Backpack schematic with…

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