Nym’s Theme Park

Location: /way 475 4865 on Lok towards the back of Nym’s Stronghold.

Nym’s Theme Park has a total of three missions given by out three separate NPC’s. In order to complete the theme park, you must follow the main quest line. The first mission is given out by Jinkins (to the left of Nym), the second mission is given out by Kole (to the right of Nym), and the last mission, is given out by Nym.

Note: You must speak to each NPC TWICE. If you don’t, you might mistakenly believe that you picked up the mission but instead, you only received a waypoint to a person in the cantina that will tell you more information about the mission.


To begin, you’ll have to talk to Jinkins. Jinkins will want you to bring him a Droid Data Disk from the Sulfur Lake Pirate Hideout.

  • Once there, follow the path to the LEFT.
  • Talk to the NPC (the hacker). They should be in front of a large, red impassable TEF wall.
  • The answers to the riddles he asks are one of the three: 720, Orange, Sir.
  • Upon solving the riddles, the hacker should have given you the Droid Data Disk that Jinkins wanted.
  • Go back to Nym’s. Drag and drop the Droid Data Disk onto him – you’ve completed the first mission.


After that, talk to Kole. For the second mission of Nym’s, Kole will want you to bring him a sample of the Neve Gas from the Imperial Mine cave.
Note: You should not need to talk to Sergeant Moore. He is the person in the cantina that Kole will tell you to meet with about this mission for more information.

  • Once there, head straight down to the bottom of the cave.
  • You will find a large structure in the MIDDLE of the room (not marked on your mini-map) containing the gas inside – pick it up.
  • With the gas in hand, head back to Nym’s. Drag and drop the sample of the Neve Gas onto Kole to complete the second mission.


Lastly, you’ll finish with Nym. Nym will want you to bring him the Computer Data from the computer AND a Grenade Casing from the crate.

  • After you enter the facility, go to the LEFT of the main room.
  • Search through the maze until you find the computer, then retrieve the Computer Data.
  • Head back to the main room.
  • From there, you’re then going to go RIGHT.
  • Follow the hallway down and turn LEFT.
  • Find the crate in the room and retrieve the Grenade Casing.
  • After both items are in your inventory, head back to Nym’s.
  • Drag and drop both items onto Nym to complete Nym’s Theme Park.

Upon dropping the last item on to Nym, you will automatically receive the “Nym’s Badge of Honor” badge.

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