A comprehensive list of Guilds and Leaders on Infinity in no particular order.

Guild: Darn the Goats
Leader: Ranzin
Faction: Rebel 
Description: Darn the Goats is a Rebel PvP/PvE Crafting Guild with an emphasis on the Light Jedi Order. We strive to produce the best products to help enrich the economy of the Galaxy, working together to find the top-of-the-line materials to push the limits of “Server Best.” We are preparing to be active in the PvP and PvE community. We will be presenting two cities to the Galaxy. Simbasa on Dantooine will be our public face and marketplace, designed by the renowned decorator Riventek, and our city RoRoC on Lok strives to be a Rebel Jedi stronghold, featuring Buffbots who can enhance Overt Rebel characters and Light Jedi Knights, as well as actively banning any and all Bounty Hunters who hunt Jedi in our city. Last but not least, we boast an active and incredibly friendly community within our guild, who are eager to meet new allies and comrades!
Main City: RoRoC, Lok, and Simbasa, Dantooine


Guild: Phoenix Rising
Leader: Bandit
Faction: Imperial 
Description: Phoenix Rising is a mix of like minded individuals, crafters/combat/docs alike. Our focus includes pvp/pve/rp/ and helping the server be the best place it can be..We are imperial..bring your uniform and sign up rules will follow this post the more we grow…and please remember we are in this together
Main City: Phoenix Rising


Guild: Infamous
Leader: Vex
Faction: Rebel 
Description: We are a PvE/PvP guild looking to rid the universe of the Bucketheads and strive to get to the top. We are a close nit guild of experienced players that work as a team to get to the top! We will do whatever it takes to sabotage the Imperial’s plans to rule the universe! If you are looking for a fun, hardcore and casual, guild that works not only for themselves but for each and every guildie to make sure we are geared and at the top of our game, Infamous is your home!
Main City: Great Krayt


Guild: Final Intervention
Leader: Moby
Faction: Rebel  
Description: We are a PvP oriented Guild, but we also understand the importance of PvE so we will be running groups to get that higher end loot, in order to stay on top with our gear. We do have a City Established, if you would like to come see it send me a tell. There is plenty of room to make your home here. We will be the best Rebel PvP Guild on this server. I want us to flourish here and work together to get everything we need. You will not regret spending your time with us.
Main City: Secret

Guild: Damage Incorporated
Leader: LiamLightsun
Faction: TBC
Description: To be completed
Main City: TBC

Guild: Death Company
Leader: Asgard
Faction: Rebel 
Description: Death Company are a rebellion guild of merchants, smugglers and bounty hunters.
Main City: TBC

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