Infinity 2.0.0 Launcher in Beta Testing

Beta Test our new launcher today


Infinity 2.0.0 Launcher Beta Invite

We’re delighted to release our new Infinity 2.0.0 Launcher for Beta Testing.

The new launcher features

  • Built-in anticheat
  • Drop-down menu to select Live, Test Center and any other galaxies we may release in the future
  • Login to the game from the launcher
  • User Registration and Account Management
  • Game Settings
  • Signed – meaning less problems for new installations
  • Approved Mods List

Installation Steps

  1. Download and install the launcher updater
  2. Press ‘Install’
  3. Run the launcher
  4. Select the location to install the game
  5. Wait for the download (see the progress bar at the top)
  6. Press Play

You can copy over your macros and game profiles by navigating to your previous SWGInfinity install directory and copy the ‘Profiles’ folder. Paste the Profiles directory into the new Live sub folder from the new launcher installation and overwrite the existing one.

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