Today we released a small patch that improves balance and adds some nice additional features and loot.


  • General mission/faction terminals now allow players to set the direction of missions via the radial menu.  This value is saved until changed. (Adapted From: Tarkin’s Revenge)
  • General mission/faction terminals will allow ungrouped players to select the level of missions they want via the radial menu, including low level missions.  An ungrouped player will not be able to pull missions higher than solo level and will need to be in a group to pull high level missions.  This value is saved until changed.
  • Added /locateStructure command which will list a player’s structures and their locations.  This command can be used once per minute.
  • The Bespin Cloud house has been added as a loot schematic.    You’ll have to look up to find it.
  • Dathomir witches have found their misplaced stun batons
  • Changed starting new player location to Highgarden only.   Added new player terminal in Highgarden.
  • Unlocked containers now hold 50 items
  • Fixed a few misspelled strings
  • Fixed /findObject command (admin only)

Jedi / Force Sensitive

  • Removed all combat skills, crafting skills, and certifications from FRS tree, Jedi Guardian, and Jedi Master.
  • Cloak of Pain damage reduction now based on force armor/shield of defender not attacker
  • Cloak of Pain defense modifier penalty is now working properly.   Defense modifiers will be reduced by the adjusted Cloak of Pain percentage.    For Master Powers, this is a maximum of 45% and a minimum of 25%.    The max a defense modifier can be reduced is 125 * 45% = 56.
  • Removed force power max/regen from all Jedi robes and moved to Padawan skill box – wear whatever you want!
  • The forceRevive skill for master healer should now work properly.
  • Sith attacks in Phase 4 are now on a consistent 90-minute timer
  • Re-enabled general crafting XP conversion to force sensitive crafting XP


  • Removed random slice option and removed 15% penalty for selectable slice


  • Advanced padded armor segments will now accept an enhancement
  • Fixed resource quantities on Mando armor chest plate
  • Changed AV-21 deed appearance to match the vehicle appearance
  • Removed annoying resource sampling popup and minigame
  • Resource containers will now display the resource class and resource name.  You will have to split existing stacks to generate the name. (Adapted From: Tarkin’s Revenge)


  • The 4 boxes of image designer skills in the entertainer tree now cost 1 skill point each.
  • Added mandoviol instrument certification to Musician musical knowledge 2.   Existing musicians will need to use the /regrantSkllls command to pick up the certification.

Big thanks to MrObvious for working through these changes.

Force be with you,