Today I deployed a small patch

1) Lifeday is activated until early January
2) FRS Robes will drop from Festive Jawa’s
3) New Named Crystals will drop
5) All armors now craft to equivalent level of composite (Bone, Mabari, Ubese, Wookie, Itho, etc)
6) 7th Character Slot enabled until first week of Jan
7) Players can now recolour Mando armor

This is the first mini-patch of our new release strategy.

Rather than deploying dozens of changes in a large patch, such as planned for 014, we’re going to start deploying smaller patches, more regularly.

Next mini patch (January) will include:

1) Craftable Schematics for Stormtrooper and Marine armor to be obtained from factional recruiters
2) Craftable Mando Pistol
3) New Named Crystal (name and color chosen by 1 randomly selected donator for December)
4) Craftable blacksun helmet (schematic to be dropped from Blacksuns)
+ other popular requests that can fit in with the deadlines – Feature requests can be things from patch014 or entirely new.

Force be with you,