Today we deployed a small patch, thank you MrObvious for working on it.



  • Update:  Fortify now has an initial force cost of 40, costs 2 force per attacker intimidated, and the effect lasts 5 seconds
    • Non-player creatures can be intimidated every 5 seconds when the effect drops
    • Players can be intimidated only after a 5-7 second cooldown timer has expired
  • Fix:  FRS Jedi who are intimidated will now bypass up to 12.5% of the intimidate effect based on FRS control mod
  • Fix:  FRS Jedi who are attacked by an intimidated target will gain up to 12.5% additional intimidate damage reduction based on FRS power mod
  • Fix:  corrected bug with force powers receiving FRS mod bonus twice
  • Fix:  Force siphon check on PVP TEF was preventing siphon from working on factional PVE targets.   The TEF check is now on BH TEF and factional TEF’s while Special Forces.

Bounty Hunter

  • Fix:  Fearless Hunter – If the percentage health of a bounty hunter’s Jedi target is 20 percentage points lower  than the bounty hunter’s, intimidate will be 15% less effective against ranged bounty hunters, and 35% less effective against melee bounty hunters
  • Update:  Player bounty missions are now identified and show the name of the player target


  • Fix:  Changed neutral faction mission bounty hunters back to stock level.   Added new bounty hunter thug template for treasure map missions.