At 21:30BST we deployed a new patch addressing some bugs, balance issues and improving the player experience.

See key points below:


  • Newly looted satchels and cargo pockets now hold 50 items
  • Vendor owners will receive an e-mail when an item is offered to one of their vendors.  Thanks to our friend at Tarkin’s Revenge for the code.
  • The Infinity custom .TRE files have been consolidated into one file, infinity_custom.tre.   Please delete infinity*.tre and re-run launcher.


  • Pets now receive the initial 1.5X damage multiplier that players do.  This includes CH pets, faction pets, and droids.
  • Pet accuracy has been increased by 2X for low accuracy pets (e.g. CH pets)
  • PVP Damage reduction now applies to pets and player lightning is electricity damage against pets rather than lightsaber damage


  • Harvesting droids will turn auto-harvest on automatically when called


  • Newly created/looted Mabari armorweave chest plates will provide protection for both body and bicep slots.   This means a three-piece Mabari mini-suit will provide full coverage.
  • All types of armor have the option to change all the different colors on the armor.   Multiple color change windows will pop up for all the colors that can be modified.   Thanks to the ModTheGalaxy team for the code.

Bounty Hunter

  • Fixed gethunted level server crash issue with Mark of Mandalore buff
  • Mark of Mandalore hunter buff now correctly lowers Jedi damage by 5% per hunter
  • Mark of Mandalore hunter buff now increases saber force cost of mark by 1.5 for each hunter
  • Mark of Mandalore hunter buff lowers saber block by 5 for each hunter

Jedi / Force Sensitive

  • Lightsaber force cost correctly adjusted to 1 force cost in PVE and 5 force cost in PVP
  • Force defense is now working properly for non-Master Defender templates.   It is a 45% reduction at 125 force defense, and now scales with FRS up to a 16.7% bonus.   A rank 11 master defender with +25 tape will have a 52.5% reduction in force powers damage.
  • Saberblock has a 50 cap in PVP for non-MLS lightsaber, and 60 cap in PVP for MLS.   It now scales up to 75% (non-MLS) or 85% (Master Lightsaber) at FRS rank 11 based on force manipulation skill.
  • First generation lightsaber certifications are now granted at novice powers.  Don’t forget to /regrantskills.
  • Force powers use a base value of 100 lightsaber accuracy to calculate hit chance
  • Cloak of Pain now has its own combat spam that shows the correct amount of damage reduction
  • Force powers bonus damage based on crystal damage has been corrected.   It is 15% with crystals average 70, 10% with average 50, 0% with average 40.
  • Force siphon power return now has a 20% penalty when a lightsaber is not equipped
  • Added novice and master titles for all Jedi skill trees and mastery titles for force sensitive trees

EMU Publish 10 Updates (Highlights only)

  • Fixed droid deeds losing their modules
  • Fixed factory blueprints consuming all identical single components in hopper at once
  • Players can no longer make a pet attack while player is swimming
  • Check player access to building for Combat Medic poison/disease application
  • Check player access to building when attacking creature inside
  • Fixed looting of no-trade items inside buildings
  • Removed action cost from melee powerup primary stats
  • /stoplisten now functions without an argument or target

A big thank you to MrObvious for all of his work on the above. There were some major bugs in the combat functionality which have been addressed.

Force be with you,