Today I performed a restart of Infinity after 68 days of uptime. The purpose was to perform a fresh backup of the databases to our cloud-based backup service and a fresh database copy to the Test Center.

We perform daily backups of the databases to protect player progress, but each time this is performed while the server is running, it creates additional files so that Core3 can start properly. If Core3 is properly shut down, the size of the backup is significantly decreased and the database backup files are more robust if the process is not running.

During the restart I also added a couple of changes:

  • Geonosian Speeder Schematic Loot chances increased (Poggle the Lesser, Geo Caves)
  • Mandalorian Armor Right Bicep re-coloring now fixed
  • Added Mandalorian Pistol & Sword items for testing (confirmed as working)
    • Will implement a lootable schematic for these two new items, more details tba

Force be with you,