welcome to a galaxy far, far away

SWG Infinity

Welcome to a community-driven Starwars Galaxies server

Highly populated

With over 250 players and 1000 game accounts, Infinity is the largest custom AGPL complying SWGemu server.


The economy and direction of Infinity is driven by the players. All new items are focused at being craft-able and obtainable through custom dungeon experiences or quests.

Friendly and welcoming

Infinity has dozens of fantastic players who run helpful and humbling guilds. Be sure to check Discord, Infinity Chat (ingame) or our Forums to find a suitable guild for you.


Within the Galaxy there are a variety of players from Role-Play to PVE and Loot Hunters, through to hardcore PVP. Infinity believes that PVP is the spearhead for SWG and entices PVP as much as possible – but without harming crafters, RP or PVE players.

Highly active community with hundreds of players