Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided

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Since 2017

Infinity is a Pre-Combat Upgrade (PreCU) Star Wars Galaxies galaxy, housing over 800 weekly players and rising.

Our core mantras are

  • Retain the originality of Pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies
  • Develop new end-game content
  • Keep up with today’s gaming preferences
  • Maintain a fun and friendly place to play
  • Keep Star Wars Galaxies alive

Our team consists of more than 8 professional people, passionate about continuously improving the game and developing exciting new content.


Character Creation

Create your identity

  • Choose from 11 races
  • Customise your appearance
  • Select your starting profession

Name your character and enter the galaxy



What will you be?

  • Choose from 33 professions¬†
  • Become a Mandalorian
  • Feel the force and unlock Jedi

Player Housing

Home sweet home

Build and decorate your home

Or build a player city on one of the seven planets


Be a businessman

Become a master crafter

  • Bio-engineer creatures
  • Make armor & weapons
  • Become a chef
  • Specialise in Pharma
  • and more…




Feel the force

Learn the ways of the force and become a jedi. Choose Light or Dark

Bounty Hunting

Let the hunt begin

Accept a mission and speak to a Spynet operative to begin tracking your target.

Players and alike

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