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Jedi Unlock Guide

You’ve taken your first step into a larger world. ― Obi-Wan Kenobi [1]

Anyone that is unusually keen to the mysterious energy field known as the Force is considered a Force-sensitve. Becoming Force-sensitive is the first step in becoming a Jedi. But before you can become a Force-sensitive, there are several things you need to do before-hand.

Reaching Glowy

The first step you must take in order to become a Jedi is become glowy. Becoming glowy is pretty straight forward and can be achieved within a week’s time (or a day if you really hustle!) To check your progress with becoming glowy, you can use the commands /che or /check. There are six different milestones on your way to becoming glowy. These milestones in order are:

  1. “You feel no connection with the force.” — This is the starting state of all toons. Though it technically is not a milestone, it is still considered one.
  2. “You barely notice something different about yourself.”
  3. “You feel a faint sense of the force.”
  4. “You feel the Force surge within you.”
  5. “You have a strong sense of the Force within you.”
  6. “You feel an inner glow. The Force is with you.”

Now that you know how to check, you need to know how to become glowy. You can become glowy by:

  • Mastering five professions (excluding Entertainer, Elite Entertainer, and Politician.)
  • Obtaining five easy location badges, two difficult location badges, and three Jedi location badges.
    • Note: Most of these locations are Points of Interest (POI) included in your map (CTRL+V.) The locations with a waypoint next to them are badges you can obtain without them being a POI.
    • Easy location badges can be acquired without difficulty. These badges include:
      • The Agrilat Swamp, the Crystal Fountain of Bela Vistal, the Grand Theater of Vreni Island, and the Rebel Hideout, on Corellia.
      • The Abandoned Rebel Base, the Dantari Village, and the Dantari Rock Village on Dantooine.
      • The Dathomir Abandoned Escape Pod, the Dathomir Tarpits, the Downed Ship (/way 5727 1923), the Greater Misty Falls (/way 3021 1289), the Imperial Prison, and the Lesser Misty Falls (/way 3558 1554) on Dathomir.
      • The Dulok Village, the Ewok Lake Village, the Ewok Tree Village, and the Marauder’s Stronghold on Endor.
      • The Great Kimogilla Skeleton, the Lok Imperial Outpost, and Mount Chaolt on Lok.
      • Amidala’s Beach, the Dee’ja Peak Waterfall, the Gungan Sacred Place, and the Theed Waterfall on Naboo.
      • The Hyperdrive Research Facility, the Imperial Encampment, the Kobola Bunker, and the Rebel Outpost on Rori.
      • The Imperial Outpost, the Imperial vs. Rebel Battle, the Lost Aqualish War Party’s Cave, and the Lost Village of Durbin on Talus.
      • The Escape Pod on Tatooine.
      • The Temple of the Blueleaf and the Woolamander Palace on Yavin IV.
      • Tip: The quickest easy location badges you can get are Amidala’s Beach, the Dee’ja Peak Waterfall, and the Theed Waterfall on Naboo, the Escape Pod and the Lars Homestead on Tatooine.
    • Difficult location badges are challenging to get, as the location is typically surrounded by hostiles. These badges include:
      • The Lesser Sarlacc of Dathomir on Dathomir.
      • The Ancient Krayt Skull, Fort Tusken, the Great Pit of Carkoon, and the Krayt Graveyard on Tatooine.
      • Tip: The least difficult, difficult location badges you can get is the Ancient Krayt Skull, and the Great Pit of Carkoon on Tatooine.
    • Jedi location badges are badges where the location is Force related. These badges include:
      • The Jedi Temple Ruins on Dantooine.
      • Ben Kenobi’s Hut on Tatooine.
      • The Temple of Exar K’un on Yavin IV.
      • Note: You must have the Temple of Exar K’un badge to become glowy.
  • Completing three theme parks that count towards unlocking Jedi. Those theme parks include:
    • Nym’s Theme Park
    • The Warren — counts as two theme parks
    • Jabba’s Theme Park
    • The Imperial Theme Park
    • The Rebel Theme Park
    • Any of the Corellian Corvette Missions
    • Tip: Most prefer to do Nym’s Theme Park and the Warren — they are the fastest theme parks.

When you become glowy, you are now considered a Force-sensitive.

An Old Man Visits

Now that you’re a Force-sensitive, you will be visited by an Old Man. The Old Man can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 12 hours to appear. You cannot be in a NPC city while waiting, or else he won’t show. You can however wait in a player city. He doesn’t always show up as a dot on your radar, so be careful not to miss him! If you do miss him, the timer will reset and he can take up to another 12 hours to reappear.

Once the Old Man shows up, converse with him. He will ask you to hold on to a Force Crystal. The Force Crystal will be your Jedi journal. The Jedi journal can be at anytime by hitting the CTRL+J keys on your keyboard together. Alternatively, you can click on the icon that looks like this [Ξ] on the options bar in the bottom right corner of your screen.

After receiving the Force Crystal, you will be eventually be attacked by two to four Sith Shadows. Kill them and loot their corpses to get a Waypoint Datapad. Should you die to the Sith Shadows, they will take your Force Crystal and you will have to wait for the Old Man to reappear.

If you managed to kill the Sith Shadows and you looted the Waypoint Datapad from one of them, activate it. It will automatically save a temporary waypoint to a Sith Encampment. Follow the waypoint given and make your way to the Sith encampment.

Upon arrival, you’ll notice there will be another two to four Sith there. Kill them to loot a mysterious Datapad. After activating the mysterious Datapad, it will tell you to go to a waypoint on Dathomir — this waypoint is the Aurilia Village. However, instead of needing to fly to the village from the Science Outpost like you did in Live, you are able to fly directly to the Village using the Village Shuttleport.

The Village

Note: This is not a guide to the Village, but you can find a helpful one here:  Village Guide

This will be the longest process to unlocking Jedi. The Village is in four phases, with each phase being three days long. You will need to unlock at least four skill branches (columns) by doing various missions around the Village. These missions can be obtained by the NPCs. You can also only do one mission during each phase (after completing a mission/unlocking the branch, you will need to wait until the next phase to be able to do another mission).


After completing the four Force-sensitive skill branches from the Village, you will be visited by the Old Man once again. This time, he will give you your final mission: Defeat Mellichae.

You will be given a waypoint to Mellichae at his camp. He is joined by five other Sith — two Sith Shadow thugs and three Sith Shadow mercenaries. He is also accompanied by Daktar Bloodmoon. Around the camp is four Force Crystal pillars. These pillars will heal Mellichae, Daktar, and the Sith around them unless you can take them down.

Note: You are able to solo Mellichae, however it is strongly recommended you get help from friends.

In order to defeat Mellichae, you first need to destroy the Force Crystal pillars surrounding the camp. There is a trick to destroying the pillars:

  • Run up to any pillar and attack it — preferably the back ones as to not aggro the spawns around the camp.
  • If it heals, move to the next pillar until you are able to destroy one.
  • Work your away around the pillars destroying all four.
  • You might aggro some of the Sith but you should be too far away to aggro Mellichae. Daktar may also aggro you.
  • If this happens, work on killing the Sith/Daktar at the same time you destroy the pillars with a spin/area attack.

After destroying the pillars:

  • You should easily be able to kill the Sith.
  • Next (if he hasn’t aggro’ed you yet,) pull Daktar a bit farther away from the camp and work on killing him.
  • After killing the Sith and Daktar, you should be able to kill Mellichae without too much of a challenge.
  • Mellichae can be a pain to take down, but as long as you keep him dizzied and kneeled/knocked down, you should have no problem killing him. Note: If you do die to Mellichae, the mission will reset and you will have to wait for the Old Man to reappear to give you Mellichae’s new location. You might also be able to take a shuttle to receive a new waypoint for Mellichae instead of having to wait for the Old Man.

Upon killing Mellichae, you will be eligible to start your Padawan Trials.

[1] Source

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