September 12, 2017

Jedi Unlock

The Jedi Unlock process within Infinity follows the badge-based Glowy guide. We have reduced the village process significantly by cutting down the requirements to start Padawan Trials and reduced things such as mission distances, number of missions to complete, increased spawns of mobs and much more… it should not become a grind but an enjoyable unlock process.


Firstly you need to visit a number of POIs, master several professions and achieve greatness.

You can check your level of force sensitivity by typing /check regularly ingame.

Once you are ‘Glowing’ you will need to venture into the wild where an “Old Man” will visit you.

The old man will give you a force crystal to keep safe.

Within 5-30 minutes a pair of Sith will attack you to try and steal the crystal. Kill them and loot them.

They will drop a datapad which will provide co-ordinates of their camp.

Take the camp and kill all Sith in sight, you will loot a waypoint datapad from them which will give you co-ordinates of the village on Dathomir.

Go to the village waypoint and speak to the Village Elder to start your journey towards Jedi.

Infinity has altered the Jedi process so it’s quicker and less of a ‘grind’.

We will provide an outline of the badge requirements to become Glowy nearer launch.