Jedi Unlock

Step 1 — Get Glowy

The first step to becoming a Jedi is to become Glowy. You do this by exploring POI’s, completing themeparks and mastering professions.

Step 2 — The Old Man

Keep typing /check each time you obtain a new badge until you are Glowing. Sit in the wild and sometime between 5 minutes and several hours the Old Man will visit you and give you an important mission

Step 3 — Sith Ambush

The Old Man will give you a crystal, you must protect the crystal and take out the Siths when they ambush you. If they steal the crystal, the Old Man will re-visit and give you a new one.

Step 4 — The Sith Camp

Loot the Sith Outlaws which ambush you and check the waypoint datapad in your inventory. It’ll give you co-ordinates to the next location. Take out the Sith and loot them.

Step 5 — Dathomir & The Village

The next step will be to visit Dathomir at the co-ordinates provided, here you will begin the Force Sensitive missions.


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