Vision and Mantras

Stay true to SWG Pre-CU

We’re committed to staying true to the core SWG pre-CU gameplay, whilst building new content for players to enjoy. The path SWG Pre-CU should have taken!

Our tweaks are:

  • Making use of redundant un-played content, to make it enjoyable
  • Improving all professions to make them exciting and fun to play
  • Building upon POI’s that people rarely visit
  • Building custom end-game content continually
  • New professions
    • Mandalorian
    • Demolition Expert
  • New questlines for each profession
  • City improvements
    • New specialisations
    • New rank6 city with more to come in the future
    • CU, NGE and unreleased decorations and buildings
  • Quality of life improvements – to make the galaxy more engaging

A place for everyone

Our core focus is to drive Player vs Player combat in the Force Ranking System and Galactic Civil War system.

  • PVP Players needs Crafters
  • Crafters need PVE players

The force behind PvP is the crafting community who make the weapons, armor, PSG’s and clothing along with consumables such as foods, buffs, stim packs, weapon powerups, spices and so forth.

The crafting community will rely on the Player vs Environment (PVE) players to hunt loot to find exotic components to place in their warez.

It’s our vision to ensure options for PVE are plentiful and crafters have a wide variety of items to craft. We will continually add new items so keep your wits about you!

Roleplayer’s can wrap-around the story line as we progress with canon in the coming months.

Unpleasantry and trolling can politely GTFO

We appreciate that PVP brings competition and emotion’s can get heated. We also accept that foes will smack talk and that’s fine.

However, we will not tolerate toxic behaviour, harassment, bullying, personal attacks, trolling. We have a simple rule:

Don’t be a d*ck 


About Infinity

Our mission is to build an SWG Community that encompasses the greatness of Live but accommodates the needs of today’s gaming community.

We want to keep the originality of SWG but develop the weakest areas so they are viable and fun to play.

All while creating new content based on canon for end-game enjoyment.

Support the cause
Our team invests significant time, energy and money into the overall operations of Infinity.

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