The Roadmap

Since we launched in September ’17 we have made a ton of improvements to general “Quality of Life” within SWG Pre-CU. We’ve also revamped Master Bounty Hunter and Jedi Master Powers to make them more viable and enjoyable to play.

Please note; the professions we all know and remember are still in-tact and will be forever — we’ve added additional skills and bonuses on-top of the professions for further balance and enjoyable game play.

Please be aware that our development staff is currently undergoing a revision. While the below are on the horizon, the current timeline for deployment has been removed.  We are currently working on some updates to address outstanding balance issues, as well as some new content implementation.  Updates will follow as priorities are confirmed.

A special note on the GCW:  It has been decided that directly copying the Jedi FRS system into a new GCW system is a poor design decision.  There will be significant changes and improvements to the overall GCW, but the the majority of the previously outlined system has been mothballed for the foreseeable future.

Whats next?

  1. FRS Rebalance & Powers Updates.
    An update to the FRS to bring the ranks more in line with moderate power gains as opposed to the massive spikes that currently exist.  An effort is being made to make powers less universally powerful.
  2. Doctor & Combat Medic Revamp 
    Keeping true to the general purpose of Doctor and Combat Medic but making them more useful in encounters with additional utilities above the current capabilities.
  3. Ranged Profession and Squad Leader Enhancements
    Pistol, Carbineer, Rifleme, Commando and Squad Leader to get improvements to skillmods and additional abilities
  4. Creature Handler Revamp
    Many more creature types will be tamable and mountable, they will grow beyond basic stats and CH will be able to compete in end-game
  5. Bio Engineer Revamp 
    New item components to craft, new creature templates and potentially mutate humanoids!
  6. Droid Engineer Revamp
    Create new types of droids and new modules, gain additional commands and control over droids. Command more than one at a time!
  7. Smugger Revamp 
    Create new types of spices and be useful in Solo and Group combat with new abilities and defences.
  8. Galactic Civil War 
    An updated system to reward engagement in the in the larger conflict between the Empire and the Rebellion. (PvP related)

About Infinity

Our mission is to build an SWG Community that encompasses the greatness of Live but accommodates the needs of today’s gaming community.

We want to keep the originality of SWG but develop the weakest areas so they are viable and fun to play.

All while creating new content based on canon for end-game enjoyment.

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