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The Knight Trials

“For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic.”

― Obi-Wan Kenobi [1]

If you’ve made it this far, that means you have completed your four village trees, your Padawan Trials, and have trained in the Jedi ways. Now comes the next step to becoming one of the greatest Jedi’s this galaxy will ever see – The Knight Trials. The Knight Trials is moderately difficult, and can take a while to finish, though typically you should be able to finish the trials in a week or two. Most of the creatures mentioned in this list only reveal themselves after the lair they spawn from has blown up. Though you will not see them until after it blows – keep in mind that they do have a low chance to show up.

These are the Knight Trials in order:

1.) You must kill 19 Tusken Raiders.

  • Tusken Raiders can be found on Tatooine.
  • One place to find many Tusken Raiders is Fort Tusken, by the Tusken Outpost. You can fly to the Tusken Outpost shuttle from any shuttle on Tatooine.
  • Another place to find Tusken Raiders is the Jawa vs. Tusken Battlefield, found at /way 5778 3982.
  • You can also find random spawns of Tusken Raiders near Jabba’s Palace.
2.) You must kill 8 Ancient Bull Rancors.
    • Ancient Bull Rancors can be found on Dathomir.
    • There is a single static spawn at entrance of the Mutant Rancor Cave at /way -4225 -2085.
    • There is also another rancor cave with a static spawn near the Imperial Prison towards the South/Southwest.
  • Alternatively, there are rare random spawns all over Dathomir.

3.) You must kill 3 Stintaril Prowlers.

Note: Pull Giant Stintaril missions and destroy the lair for the Stintaril Prowlers to show up as a random boss spawn.

  • Stintaril Prowlers can be found on Yavin IV.
  • Typically, you can find Stintaril Prowlers between the Labor Outpost and the Geonosian Cave.
  • There have been a few sightings around the mountain that is Northwest from the Labor Outpost.
  • Alternatively, like the Ancient Bull Rancors, there are rare random spawns all over Yavin IV.

4.) You must kill 3 Blurrg Raptors.

Note: Pull Blurrg Hunter missions and destroy the lair for the Blurrg Raptors to show up. These missions have to be pulled solo – they have a CL of 50 to 57.

  • Blurrg Raptors can be found on Endor.
  • You can find Blurrg Raptors all over Endor, mostly around the center of the map and near the Smuggler’s Outpost.
  • Also check around the Deathwatch Bunker in the Northwest of Endor.

5.) You must kill 2 Enraged Kimogilas.

Note: Pull Kimogila missions and destroy the lair for the Enraged Kimogilas to show up. These missions have to be pulled in a group with a CL of at least 95.

  • Enraged Kimogilas can be found on Lok.   They only spawn from the missions noted above.

6.) You must kill 2 Peko Peko Albatrosses.

Note: Pull Giant Peko Peko missions and destroy the lair for the Peko Peko Albatrosses to show up.

  • Peko Peko Albatrosses can be found on Naboo.
  • The best place to find them are around 1500-3000m out from Highgarden, Naboo.
  • You might also have luck finding them from Kaadara or Keren, around the same distance away.
  • You should be able to find them anywhere on Naboo, though they might be harder to find.

7.) You must kill 2 Graul Marauders.

Note: Pull Frenzied Graul missions and destroy the lair for the Graul Marauders to show up. These missions have to be pulled while in a high level group.

  • Graul Marauders can be found on Dantooine.
  • Available as boss mobs on frenzied graul lairs
  • You should be able to find some along the Western side of the map just before the mountains.
  • Graul Marauders occasionally spawn within 1200m south west of the Imperial Outpost.
  • You may also be able to find them near the Force Crystal Hunter’s Cave.

Faction Choice – Light or Dark Side

In order to be able to choose the path you want to take, you must earn at least 200 faction points (the minimum requirement to join any faction) in either the Rebellion, or the Imperial forces (if you haven’t already). This decision can be undone only by restarting your Knight Trials. You will not be made permanently overt until after you finish the Knight Trials.

8.) You must kill 47 Rebel Commandos (if you’re Imperial) or 47 Stormtrooper Commandos (if you’re Rebel).

  • If you’re Imperial – you’ll be tasked to kill 47 Rebel Commandos.
  • You can find a static spawn of 4 Rebel Commandos on Yavin IV at /way 1591 1536.
  • Alternatively, you can also find another 2-4 Rebel Commandos at the Rebel Outpost at /way 3689 -6403 on Rori. Note: They do have a slower respawn time than the static spawn of 4 on Yavin IV.
  • You can also find 4 Rebel Commandos at the Rebel Outpost on Dantooine – they have a 7 minute respawn timer. You find the Rebel Outpost on Dantooine as a POI.
  • If you’re Rebel – you’ll be tasked to kill 47 Stormtrooper Commandos.
  • You can easily find Stormtrooper Commandos at Bela Vistal on Corellia at /way 6936 -5538 (this is the waypoint for shuttle B as it’s closer to the center of town.)
  • Stormtrooper Commandos can also be found at the Lok Imperial Outpost.

9.) You must kill 22 Rebel Generals/High Generals/Surface Marshals (if you’re Imperial) or 22 Imperial Generals/High Generals/Surface Marshals (if you’re Rebel).

Note: Respawn timers vary from 6 to 20 minutes depending on location.

  • You can find Surface Marshals that spawn 6 at a time at the Weapons Depot Facility on Talus – located as a POI. They occasionally will switch between Rebel and Imperial forces. They are on a 5-10 minute respawn timer.
  • Imperial Surface Marshals can be found at the Stronghold POI on Corellia and the Lok Imperial Outpost.
  • A Rebel High General and a Surface Marshal can be found at the Rori Rebel Outpost.
  • Alternatively, you can find Rebel Generals and Imperial Generals at player bases.
  • If you’re lucky, a General, High General, or Surface Marshal will spawn – these are the ones that count for Rebel/Imperial Generals.

10.) You must kill 4 Rebel Rear Admirals (if you’re Imperial) or 4 Elite Novatrooper Commanders (if you’re Rebel).

  • Both missions are faction dependent.
  • If you are an Imperial, you will be doing the Imperial missions for the Corellian Corvette.
  • If you are a Rebel, you will be doing the Rebel missions for the Corellian Corvette.
  • There are only 2 of each Rebel Rear Admiral/Elite Novatrooper Commander per Corvette run.
  • To make this trial go quickly, kill the one on the top level, and then run all the way to the end for the 2nd one. You will need to run the Corvette twice if you do this.

11.) You must kill the Acklay.

Note: The Acklay is on a 1 hour respawn timer.

  • The Acklay is the main boss of the Geonosian Lab located at /way -6494 -418.

12.) You must kill a single Nightsister Elder.

Note: Each Nightsister Elder is on a 20 minute respawn timer.

  • You can find 4-6 static spawns of Nightsister Elders at the Nightsister Stronghold on Dathomir located as a POI, at /way 3946 -50.

13.) You must kill Kiin’Dray.

  • Kiin’Dray is the main boss in the Nightspider Cult Cave located on Dathomir as another POI, at /way -1219 6262.
  • In order for Kiin’Dray to appear, you have to kill the Reclusive Cavern Spider Queen first.

14.) You must kill a single Giant Canyon Krayt Dragon.

  • Giant Canyon Krayts are found in and around the Krayt Graveyard on Tatooine as a POI, at /way 6839 4370 on Tatooine.
  • Alternatively, you can find more Giant Canyon Krayt Dragons at the Ancient Krayt Dragon Skeleton located at /way -4632 -4341.

Upon killing the Giant Canyon Krayt Dragon, you will automatically receive the title of Jedi Knight/Dark Jedi Knight along with corresponding faction robes. You are now permanently [2] overt and are eligible for the Force Ranking System. Good luck out there!

[1] Source: Star Wars Wikia

[2] The only way you can not be overt is if you drop the Jedi Knight box.

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