Infinity Specific Rules

These are rules and guidelines that may be unique to Infinity.  Please check this page often for updates.
This document serves as additional information. It is not intended to cover all possible situations.

Verifiable misuse of terrain

  • Any situation in which one party can attack and the other cannot due to bugs, glitches, terrain, or other circumstances is actionable if done intentionally.
  • The front door of bases are valid defensible positions as long as both sides can attack each other.
  • Shooting someone through walls/floors in bases, bunkers, etc is considered exploiting.
  • Intentionally glitching oneself (eg. using elevators to desync oneself, purposely invisible-glitching oneself) is considered exploiting.
  • Civic items (mission terminals, etc) may not be used to block, hinder or obstruct player movement. This includes mazes, herding tactics, blocking access to turrets, etc.

Clone Camping & Fight Clubbing

  • Allowing yourself to be killed is unacceptable.
    Common reasons this happens: Bounty clearing, FRS win trading, etc.
  • ‘Zerging’ out of a cloning facility repeatedly is unacceptable.
  • Tracking Jedi after death to a shrine is unacceptable.
    Common reasons this happens: FRS farming.
  • Camping outside a clone facility in order to deny an opponent the ability to leave is acceptable.
    Caveat, While there is tactical benefit to this, camping someone purely to deny them the ability to play may fall under the griefing category.
  • Refrain from attacking players inside of Cloning Facilities.  This demonstrates poor sportsmanship and will not be tolerated.  By the same token, do not AFK inside Cloning Facilities for extended periods of time.

Bounty Hunting

  • Holding a player’s mission with the intent of preventing other bounty hunters from taking valid missions is not allowed.    If you have a player bounty, attack or drop the mission.
  • The use of bounty hunter tracking to lead FRS Jedi to find an opposite faction FRS Jedi who is not engaged in PVP for the purpose of facilitating an FRS kill is strictly prohibited.   The intention of bounty hunter tracking is to enable the bounty hunter to find the mark to complete a bounty mission by killing the target.

   May include any of the following, with increasing severity for repeated offenses.

  • Warnings
    With a degree of severity, 1st warning, final warning, etc.
    Warnings are permanent, and typically precede further action.
  • Freezing/Jail
    Temporary removal of your ability to play a specific character.
    Typical duration is 12-24 hours.
  • Banning
    Inability to login to the offending account.
    Typical duration is 12-24 hours.  May be permanent in extreme circumstances.
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