September 13, 2017


How do I install and play SWG Infinity?

In order to play Infinity you need:-
Original SWG install media
Infinity Launcher

  1. Install Starwars Galaxies
  2. Download and run the Infinity launcher and perform a full scan on the same directly as above
  3. Play button will turn green
  4. Register an account by logging into the game once

Are there blue frogs on the server?
Infinity has a new player terminal in Coronet where players can get basic buffs, politician skills and learn languages.

Is experience gain accelerated?

Yes we have boosted XP to 6x for most professions, crafting in practice mode provides significantly more XP than normal.

Musician, Dance and Entertainer Healing XP can be gained by crafting instruments.

How do I unlock Jedi?

To unlock Jedi you need to first become glowing with the force. This is achieved by getting badges.

Badges are obtained by exploring points of interest on the planetary map, by mastering professions and completing quests/theme parks.

To become glowy on Infinity you must obtain the following badges:-

10 x Exploration badges (POIs)
5 x Master Professions
3 x Theme parks

How many characters am I allowed?

You can have up to 6 character’s per account with 3 logged in at any one time.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No, we limit accounts to 1 per person. We allow players to create up to 6 characters on their account and 3 can be online at once.

If players have more than 1 account it will be unfair and we will take action such as removing accounts and contents.

We check against Registered IP, logged in IP for both game and forums.

If there is more than 1 player in your household please contact Qrave to gain permission for multiple accounts per IP.

If your account is accessed by more than 3 IP addresses we will investigate use of VPNs etc.

When I examine an item in-gameĀ I get a bunch of information in spatial, why is it appearing and how do I stop it?

During a recent patch we accidentally included the user.cfg file with the following lines:


Even removing this field will not stop the debug information from appearing. In order to stop it, you need to open swgemu.cfg and ensure user.cfg is included.

.include “user.cfg”

Then within the user.cfg file simply change “DebugExamine = 1” to “DebugExamine = 0”