Infinity 2.0.10 Patch Notes – 13 January 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0


  • Force Powers

    • Fixed issue with Force Siphon which returns force to the Powers Jedi based on damage output. This should be very close to pre-2.0.0 levels.


  • PVP Deathblow

    • You cannot use the /deathblow command while swimming or riding a mount that is swimming


  • Bounty Hunting

    • Visibility will once again be cleared for all killed bounty marks
    • Players on Kashyyyk will not show on BH terms until the zones are open to all


  • Weapons

    • The increased chance of weapon damage while using a powerup has been reduced to pre-2.0.0 levels (5% of weapon decay without powerup, 7.5% chance with with powerup. These values are per attack.)
    • The chance to damage lightsaber crystals has been reduced to pre-2.0.0 levels


  • Combat Accuracy Formula

    • Tweaked formula so that the difference between attacker accuracy and target defense has more weight. You should get hit less.


  • Rancor Bull Lairs

    • Issue resolved with Rancor Bull lairs, monstrous brutes now have a chance to spawn again