Infinity 2.0.13 Patch Notes – 19 January 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0


  • Force Siphon from Force Powers

    • Force return from Siphon has been reduced by 15%


  • Player login issue in Highgarden and Swamptown

    • Made some changes to engine buffer settings which should prevent around 95% of the issues


  • Force Sensitive Experience

    • Fixed issue with Paemos experience conversion for crafting XP types


  • Mask Scent and Camo

    • The punitive cooldowns when mask scent or camo breaks have been reduced. The higher your Mask Scent skill, the shorter the cooldown.
    • Camo and mask scent are both slightly more effective while using skills, tapes, food/drink, and proper posture


  • BioEngineer Sampling

    • The incremental chance of aggro from each additional sampling attempt has been reduced
    • Chance of random aggro reduced from 6% to 5%


  • Knight Trials Mission Mobs

    • Fixed several lairs with the wrong spawns or incorrect chance for boss mobile spawns


  • Axkva Min Instance

    • Fixed text for turn-in location in Restuss, Rori