Infinity 2.0.14 Patch Notes – 20 January 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0. This patch includes a new TRE file so please run a full scan on your launcher


  • Force Siphon from Force Powers

    • Force return from Siphon has been reduced by 5%


  • Force Ranking System

    • Fixed issue with players being incorrectly identified as having an alt character in the opposing group and being denied FRS XP


  • Demolitionist

    • Bombs are once again sliceable via the radial menu. They were already sliceable with Master Smuggler Slicing Station.


  • Lair Names

    • Fixed a bunch of lairs with missing names, including a Mando faction missions, Kunga shaman camp, blurrg hunter/raptor boss
    • Please submit a ticket in Discord if you see any other lairs with missing names


  • No Spawn Area tweaks

    • Added NOSPAWNAREA in 192 meter circle around Nym’s Stronghold Starport
  • Krayt Graveyard

    • Krayt Graveyard should no longer have dynamic spawns preventing krayt spawns