Infinity 2.0.17 Patch Notes – 30 January 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0.


  • Force Powers

    • Base accuracy increased from 100 lightsaber accuracy to 110


  • Varactyl Quest

    • Sulpher Mynock and Kai Tok Slayers added to the list of lairs. They spawn in specific areas of Lok and Yavin IV to match their spawn locations from Live.


  • Mandalorian

    • GM command created that can reset players stuck on Krayt part 1. The problem only comes up if you enter the wind farm and the server crashes. You will be left in a place where Greef thinks you are still in progress and won’t let you try again.


  • RIS Quest Extension

    • The special paintings can now be traded. This should help anyone that wants to decorate the outside of their armor shops as they can be placed outside.


  • Big Game Hunter

    • Bossk had an error that prevented players from training the 4th box, this should work correctly now for all top boxes


  • Demolition Expert

    • Typo when permanently destroying something (was permanettly)


  • Login Server

    • Changes to the Login server sessionID generation to hopefully completly solve any issues relating to ‘invalid password’ or ‘expired password’ after a certain amount of time has passed