Infinity 2.0.18 Patch Notes – 2 February 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0.


  • Force Powers

    • Force Choke
      • Force Choke from NPC’s against players has been reduced by 20%
      • Force Choke initial hit now targets lowest HAM pool just like the DOT does
    • Mindblast from NPC’s against players is now reduced by 60%, previously 70%
      • Added checks and logging for AI using powers with null weapons


  • Creature Pets / CH

    • AT-ST and Droideka faction pets will no longer count against Max Level of Pets when calling a creature pet
    • This bug prevented players from calling a creature pet when AT-ST or Droideka was already called


  • Saber Block

    • Mark of the Hunter reduction in saber block has been corrected from 8%/10%/12% to 10%/11%/12% for 1 through 3 bounty hunters