Infinity 2.0.20 Patch Notes – 4 February 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0.


  • Dread Ridge

    • Removed the blue sparks and instant death at the doors


  • Stadiums

    • 2 new stadiums are added, one on Rori and one on Tatooine
      • neither of them are functioning like the Dearic stadium but you can freely walk through them
    • Dearic Stadium
      • Faction Recruiters have been moved outside the stadium and will get moved again as the stadium code is reworked to be more generic.
      • Neutral Bounty Hunters can talk to a spynet that will grant access to hunt marks inside the arena.
        • Bounty hunters do not get access to the medical center or the player staging area as this would be the same as allowing BH’s to hunt inside cloning facilities.


  • Miscellaneous

    • NPCs will now load new random primary/secondary weapons each time they respawn
    • Safety deposit boxes in faction base banks should now allow storage and removal of objects
    • Fixed potential issue with GCW recruiters awarding items
    • Increased spawn rates for lairs with Riverside Sulfur Mynocks on Lok and Kai Tok Slayers on Yavin4