Infinity 2.0.23 Patch Notes – 9 February 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0.

  • Mandalorian

    • The sawtooth queen no longer infinitely spawns however if you try and drag it, it will properly despawn. You have to fight her in her lair!


  • Hero of Tatooine

    • The Sennex cave properly spawns the wife, child, barrier and box with explosives.
      • The explosives have been moved to just across the bridge so you do not have to get attacked by the sawtooth queen.


  • Force Breach

    • Fixed issue where Force Breach was being reduced too much based on group size for group size 11 to 20


  • CH Quest

    • Increased lair weighting on riverside sulphur mynock and kai tok slayer lairs


  • Loot Area Command

    • Removed system message spam when a corpse with no loot has despawned due to scout in group


  • Guild Wars

    • GCW Faction Change popup window will no longer appear when onleave/combatant player is attacking opposite faction overt player in warring guild