Infinity 2.0.44 Patch Notes – 20 April 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0.

  • AI Changes

    • Chiss Base bosses should now attack normally
    • All static spawn healer mobs should now attack normally
    • Fixed a ton of weapons and attacks on normal, instance, and world bosses and they should attack correctly now


  • Mellichae Camp

    • All the mobs including Mellichae and Daktar should now attack correctly
    • Mellichae should be back to pre-2.0.0 damage and attack types, which means he should be solable by most templates
    • Note that mobs are going to come after the owner of the mission


  • NPC shuttleport

    • NPC shuttleport arrivals should once again not leave you hanging in the air above the ground


  • Core3 Updates

    • [fixed] instance where int overflow was causing stationary healer agents to wait indefinitely
    • [fixed] possible crash to desktop when loading some objects while on a vehicle
    • [fixed] traps should now fail to apply to a target if the target is already effected by that trap type