Infinity 2.0.45 Patch Notes – 24 April 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0.

  • Resist Decay

    • Resist decay is now based on the mob’s percentage of total HAM (Health + Action + Mind)
    • This has been completely revamped from the Emu code which uses percentage of unmitigated damage
    • Resists will start dropping when the mob’s total HAM percentage goes below 75%
      • Total Current HAM / Total HAM
      • Starts at the 75% mark and continues to 25%, with resists dropping by 1% for every 1% reduction it total HAM
      • When the percentage hits 25%, the resists will be reduced by half, which is the maximum amount
    • Damage that reduces HAM will count toward the resist decay calculation including DOTs,  lightsaber damage, etc (currently wounds do not count this will be patched at a later date)
    • A similar calculation has been implemented for turrets using condition instead of HAM


  • Creature Handler

    • Corrected issue with dynamic lairs (malignant squills, purboles, perleks, etc.) where adult mobs were spawning with baby creature flags and were tameable
    • Reduced taming chance on Arache Webmasters to pre-2.0.0 level
    • Increased taming chance on Merek Death’s Head to pre-2.0.0 level


  • NPC shuttleport

    • Adjusted Doaba Guerfel shuttleport arrival location