Infinity 2.0.48 Patch Notes – 1 May 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0.

  • Open Container Command /Open

    • You should now be able to open all containers in your bank, inventory, structures, and bags
    • You should now be able to open crafting station hoppers


  • Creature Handler

    • Changed creature flags during taming/failed taming to prevent babies from getting bugged


  • Creatures

    •  Fixed issues with baby creatures that could not be attacked


  • Player Cities

    • /cityStatus command should now show the maximum number of cities allowed at rank 6
    • Fixed issue with City Management terminal menu that affected banned player report and admin option menu


  • Core3 Updates

    • [fixed] agents failing to stop resting when a stalkable player is nearby causing stalk message flood
    • [fixed] traps applying all states to a creature due to state buff parent using the state name for buff crc
    • [added] check to prevent current crafting tool being used in crafting session being able to be added as ingredient
    • [fixed] baby creatures with parent to follow will properly stop moving during taming