Infinity 2.0.7 Patch Notes – 11 January 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0


  • Force Choke

    • Force Choke is now properly mitigated by Personal Shield Generators


  • Pelgo Mine

    • Tweaks to loot chances for intimidator pistol
    • Bug fix for quest 1 timing
    • Respawn timers tweaked


  • Treaure Maps

    • A problem with encoded disks is now resolved


  • Power-Ups

    • PuPs now have 500 uses


  • Jedi Force Progression

    • We found another bug that required 24 skillpoints for force sensitive checks, this has been reduced to 16 as per pub9 Infinity


  • Admin commands

    • Commands /grantskill and /revoke skill work properly and will work for offline players, helping CSR’s to resolve issues for players while offline.