Integrated Guild Chat with discord


Infinity is pleased to offer a hosted guild chat and discord integration bot so you can keep chatting to guildies when you’re not ingame.


Simply DM Qrave on Discord with the below information and he will set it up for you.


What we need you to do


Step 1

Provide Qrave with the following details

Discord Server ID

Discord Role/User ID (For mentions relating to server status)

Discord channel name for guild chat integration (i.e. guild-ingame)

Discord channel name for server status updates

Step 2

Invite Discord bot to your discord (Qrave will provide link)


Step 3

Invite ingame chat bot character to guild


Step 4

Decide where the chat bot character will be placed (cantina, guild hall, etc)

It will be permanent logged in, you can choose equiptment and placement for decoration purposes