Infinity 2.0.49 Patch Notes – 3 May 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0.


    • The ever-bumbling Galactic Empire, in an exhibition of astounding ineptitude, has flubbed a simple transport operation, resulting in crates filled with fearsome yet fascinating creatures strewn haphazardly across the cosmic expanse. The prospect of a tidy, creature-free galaxy by the time the twin suns of Tatooine dip beneath the horizon on the final day of the galactic week seems about as likely as a Stormtrooper hitting a target at five paces. Yet, we call on you to lend a hand in this colossal clean-up operation. We have been reassured – by these numbskulls no less – that the creatures are a peaceful breed of merek. Speaking of which, there goes one now… [communication abruptly terminated]


  • New Player Services Terminal

    • The terminal has a new appearance
    • All the code that operates the terminal has been re-written
    • The Surrender All Skills option requires a confirmation code


  • Core 3 Updates

    • [fixed] potential issue with getspawnpoint for hero of tatooine courage spawn