Infinity 2.0.9 Patch Notes – 12 January 2024

Bug fixes following the recent release of Infinity 2.0.0


  • PowerUps

    • Powerup crafting has been changed so that is it similar to pre-2.0.0 launch


  • GCW Bases

    • Special Forces Bases will show on the planetary map in the proper category and subcategory for each faction
      • This only applies to newly-placed bases
    • Base complexes are not allowed, only 1 base every 600 meters
    • Bases cannot be places with 750 meters of an NPC city


  • GCW Recruiters

    • You can now purchase all faction installations include the BARC speeders


  • GCW Faction Points and XP

    • Imperial and Rebel faction NPCs will award faction points but NOT experience


  • Jedi

    • /findMyTrainer reset option now correctly updates the trainer waypoint
    • Non-Jedi will no longer lose Jedi XP when losing to a bounty hunter or Mandalorian
    • /locateStructure command now displays maintenance and power for relevant structures